The fake changling Pirate

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I had recently joined a new discord server, Discord and Dungeons. When you join they have you choose which channels to be a part of, and I only chose 2. The dm one and the medival roleplay one, the butler's arm. It was my 2nd day, taking the first to get to know the server. The cast: Soundar, a half elf druid. Secret, a tiefling pirate wizard, Malcom, a Noble, Neutral good Human hexblade warlock, Normal, a tiefling bard, and Me, Taek, a chngling rogue bard. It all begins with Soundar disscusing with Malcom what Pirate means. Taek walks down and hears this, mentioning they heard there was a pirate in this Inn. They warn that insulting them could get you killed, to which Malcom responds, saying that their parents were killed by pirates when they were just a kid. Soundar stepped in, defending the pirate, since not all pirates are the same. Taek noted that they could deceive anyone, and are here to slip a little poison in a drink. Something to know is that Soundar and Secret were in love. Taek then comments that they spent their whole lives bringing them to justice, and says sea criminals are less likely to be caught. Soundar is now at the point where he is yelling with anger at Malcom. Taek, egging him on further, comments that he seems quite defensive, so he either is or knows the pirate. Taek then tells Soundar his brother was killed by criminals, and they would try to stop criminals. Malcom then comments that, while they are bad, they can be redeemed. Taek comments about how they are killers and theives who take defenseless people's lives. The very definition of pirate makes them bad. Taek then says that they have fully convinced Soundar to join, and walks out. While he walks out Soundar yells out that The pirate wanted them to not be a pirate. And then, Malcolm made a choice. He saw both sides, that they can be good, but they barely ever are. He chose Neither. He could never get along with criminals, but he could leave them be. Then, a short brown haired human with an eyepatch, wearing clothes like a pirate, walks in. Soundar turned to watch, and Malcolm questioned the timing. The pirate yells "Which one of you stole from me? Give me my money back, you pirate!" Soundar's eye's widen and he takes the blame, thinking that if he didn't the person likely to get in trouble would be secret. The pirate tells him to give him his money back and never steal again. Soundar asks what he owes, and tells him to give it back. Or He could be faking it. Soundar says he was drunk, and asks again what he owes. Malcom is sitting, watching the encounter and petting his dog. The Pirate grits his Teeth and tells him to give it back now. Soundar says he spent it all and asks what he wants, fully willing to pay. The pirate, telling him to tell the real theif not to steal, and bumps into Taek. However, it was a trick. When taek left he got new clothes, and an eyepatch. He shifted into the pirate. When they bump into each other, He uses silent image to make the illusion and switches between the 2, switching clothes, to make it seem they are seperate. Everyone fails their check to see it's an illusion. Then, a newcomer to the channel steps into the bar. Normal. They roll to notice. 14. The exact dc. They ask if they're interupting a play, asking about the illusion magic. Soundar says they were covering for a friend and weren't the theif. They then hear Normal repeat it. Soundar is confused, and Malcom dosen't notice. They turn to Taek. Taek then calls Normal insane, or they had too much alchohol. Soudar says they can't be drunk, they just arrived. His dog is growling at Taek. Taek says that there are other bars, and just got back from one. Malcom asks what normal saw, while Soundar says they know a liar when they see one, but nervously laughs. Normal then says they have a knack for seeing through deceptions. Soundar's eye's begin to glow. Taek asks if Normal is joking, using suggestion. Amanis, another member of the roleplay, casts counterspell. Soundar reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of iron. Taek, seeing one possible last way out, says "Listen, I wanted to try dissguise self out. Sorry if I offended anyone" Soundar says they should take this outside, and Malcom starts to materialize their blade. Normal says they just came here for some milk. Dimnora, a dwarf played by the same person as Soundar, gets her some. Taek uses disguise self to become Dimnora. She tells him to stop looking like her. There was also a previous incident like this, that time with dimnora, so she dosen't exactly like Taek. He uses disguise self to become george, the barkeeper. Dimnora tells me to stop looking like the barkeep. He goes back to himself. Soundar walks up to Taek and says he may not look as intimidating as a dwarf, but he packs a punch. Malcom asks if what he said about his brother was true. He asks why would he lie about that? George clears his throat, to make it clear he's there. It rumbles across the tavern. You see, this tavern can be teleported once a month to wherever George wants. Soundar says they should take it outside. Taek informs Soundar that he could easily escape Him, and walks outside. Taek asks why Soundar was defending criminals and ask why he's mad. Soundar says Taek was going to con him, and the criminal they were talking about was his friend. Taek says he was never going to con him, merely showing how criminals act. They are bad people, near irredeamable, but they still can be redeemed. Soundar says that he still tried to drag his friends name through the mud, and Taek says that theives are theives and this thievery could be from before Soundar knew him. Soundar then asks why Taek said she, to which he responds "Whats the difference? Can't you just switch between the two?" Soundar is very confused and asks if he's a changling. Taek says we all are. We all pretend to be people we are not. Soundar then says that they must have different definitions, both of which have flaws, like they do with pirates. Taek asks if soundar will forgive him, to which he responds yes, though not fully believing it. Taek then goes into the Inn and announces to everyone that he is a changling through song.

I know I made typos in there somewhere, and If you find this All Things DnD, feel free to make it better writing and grammar if you want. Also Don't include this last part please.


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