The first idiots of my first Campaign

Meanwhile: Fighter wakes up,... calls down lightning trough a hole in the ceiling... The lightning broke the spell protecting the cave and hit the Monk and...

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Be me, first time Dm, be party, Elf Ranger (exiled and hunted for "killing", he did not, an elven ruler (good person who hates elf's), Tiefling Sorcerer, wants to gain power to take over the world (is evil but tries to hide it), Goliath Fighter, ex soldier of Fort Knox, has gained, through the terror of war, a "love" for crazy people (Tiefling Sorcerer, but he is still a good hearted fellow), Fire Genasi Monk, crazy drug addicted monk (forshadowing: his allignment will change soon if he doesnt change his roleplay), Dragonborn Druid, (everyone got some homebrew shit) can, since this part of the story, transform into a nerfed Wyvern Wildshape (is a good raised, always helping guy) and last: Tiefling Bard (only female of the group), 2 words: Charm Person, Personality: wants erotik shit but cant do erotik shit bec she wants a Unicorn in the future (i have no idear how to describe this).

Needed backstory: They saved a princess from a band of bandits which were subordinats of a green dragon (not the BBEG but a returning character, at least in the future), the relativly young green dragon needs to flee and after a chat with the king the princess (which is from a different kingdom) decides that the party shoud escort her. After a long journey they reach the Silver Woods, this is where a tribe of druids lives and where the Dragonborn Druid comes from. After neearly wiping to a Shambeling mount, because of Fireball and Call lighnting being the only thing they did, they faced a pack of allo´s they get attacked by a t-rex. They get saved by one of the elders of Druids village by fleeing under ground. He explains that that t-rex was the Level 20 Arch Druid of their village. About a month ago, a week after Dragonborn Druid left, a green dragon and bandits apperad and used an artifact to controll the Arch Druid and others, green dragon left but banditss and artifact stayed. Problem: the party is trapped under ground, if they leave all druids (contolled) will know where they are and hunt them down, unless they fly. Party meets Titus, he has a plan to destroy the artifact using the Soul Water of the holy tree, which is a sappling of the World Tree from the myths of elfen kind (if the myths are true elfranger wants to find the World Tree to prove his inocents). Another problem: they are outnumbered and over leveld: Arch Druid level 20, other druids level 4-12. The party misses all clues which could bring them to Silfer Back, a giant city with an even bigger military, which is allied with the druids.

Worldbuilding.exe loading

Silver Back, like Fort Knox, protect the world from the Red Blood Mountains, where nearly all red dragon are hatching, young red dragons cant find layers there because all places are occupied by stronger dragons so they try to leave, burning nations in the process, so soldiers from all over the continent come there to hold them off, even Metallic Dragon, which have their own nation: Rotokol. Silver Back is like its own kingdom, it has a king to wich all soldiers follow, he has more autority on them then the kings from the nations the soldiers come from.

ONLY hint to solve the problem they found was a ritual to power up Dragonborn Druid: roll d6

1: He becomes insane and starts attacking the party (leaves party)

2: Turns into an abomination and starts attacking the party (leaves party)

3: Dies and summons a demon, which attacks the party (leaves party)

4: Dragonborn Druid gets (physikly) stronger, but gets more aggresive and     chaotic (can stay with party)

5: Stays the same but gets a NERFED Wyvern Wildshape (can stay with party)

6: Stays mentaly the same, but turns into a true dragon (must leave party after this event)

The player know all of this! He rolls a 5, god, THANK YOU

In his new Wyvern Wildshape he can only carry 2 people at maximum (if they arent to heavy) so he takes Elf Ranger and princess with him to Silfer Back, there the princess convinces the king to help, after nearly falling of the wyvern because of bad rolls.  Dragonborn Druid and Elf Ranger are flying back with 10 armed silver dragons and 40 level 10-12 Silver Knights.

Now to the meat and potatos of the story: While they were traveling to Silfer Back the rest of the party doomed them all. Sorcerer, Monk and Bard want to go and steal herbs from the druids, which they need to keep the wounded alive BTW. So to do that without any problems the lure the Fighter into a room, charm him, tie him up, fill him up with drugs and lock himin a room. Sorcerer and Bard use magic to look like druids and go steal, while Monks stays behind guarding the door. Sorcerer and Bard get seen by Titus (desguised) and convince him to go to bed. Meanwhile: Fighter wakes up, rips of the rope,  smashed in the door, nearly killing Monk in the process. Monk runs away and fighter gives chase, monks runs and crys like a baby into the main room, filled with druids, and inraged fighter uses his hammer (defenetly not copyed from Marvel) to call down lightning trough a hole in the ceiling, which was hidden by magic. The lightning broke the spell protecting the cave and hit the Monk and already wounded druids. Sorcerer and Bard join the crowd and all become hostile toward fighter, but before they can do anything they can hear roaring and foot stomps in the distance…

Please remember that that happened 20 min befor Druid and Ranger would have returned from Silver Back, anyways Arch Druid and others will by with them in 2 min. I dont know if they will survive that.

If you thing these levels (enemys) are to hard for relativly low level PCs, until now they have alway just attackt any monster they saw, INCLUDING A GREEN DRAGON, so I wanted to teach them that they cant alway win against every enemy and that they have to make solid plans to win this campagne.

Anyways i hope my misery is entertaining. I have been a fan of DnD for a very long time and I hope this campagne is going to stay active for some time, if anymore funny fings happen I will post it hear again (sry for my bad english).

I wish everyone a plesent day!


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