The Gnome Crushes It!

How a Gnome Barbarian took derailed my campaign in an awesome way!


I'm a longtime DM been playing for roughly 10 years I like to play a campaign that is both enjoyable and explorative. One time while I was playing with a band of three people, I had a gnome Barbarian, a Elven Druid with a polar bear familiar, and a half orc fighter that wasn't the brightest person but fought well. they had been sent to rid the land of an undead frozen plague. 

The source of the power they discovered was north beyound the mountians. i gave two possible routes to take; 1. go through the mountains and maybe deal with some goblins. or 2. go around the mountains. it takes longer but they wouldnt have to worry about said goblins. They as a party decide to go around the mountains so that they can avoid a fight. I should also mention that the gnome has a robot she calls Manie, and she believes she is human. now they arrive at the mountain side deciding to check a cave they found along the way along the way. at this point they meet a frost giant from behind. with some lucky rolls the party manged to hide out of sight. they all knew in and out of character they didnt have a shot at winning. so they decided to sneak away.. now i should note that i am trying to push them in to this cave.. i need them to go this way for a story related item that could help them later. however the party is stubborn so they trick the giant into the cave and seal it..(more on that later)

Once around the mountains they find themselves at the edge of a crater with a black tower with swirling, pulsing clouds above it. below was an undead horde. they found that at the edge of the cliff side was giant chain clamps linking to the tower.. the party decides to travel across these the get to the tower.  few moments and bad balance rolls later they make it aross loosing Manie do to a nat 1. they pushed forward till they came to a room with big doors and looking fancy. [Boss door]

the druid decides to polymorph into a spider to check the room out. after a few moments the gnome gets bored or impatient and decides to try something new. thinking also that the druid might be in trouble she disguised herself as a goblin or as close to it. 

she stepped in and held her breath… for a moment it seemed to work till the boss called to her. "boss: you there! what are you doing here?" her in goblin, "i have come to inform  that the first platoon has found a party of humans. "boss… ah?isn't Gormnan in charge of first platoon. ;her: "i believe so…"

ha! there is no Gormnan! Who are you?! he yells.

the gnome know she doesn't stand a chance with the full room and the boss and the half orc had disappeared. so she tried to tuaght him into single combat. boss: Hahahaha you think a pathetic gnome can defeat me!! he says in a distorted voice. she suddenly remembers a "wail" ability she learn.. she knew that it wouldn't be to affective but was going to try anyway. having heard the gnome comment she pauses and says "what are you talking about? im human! not gnome i wish people would stop saying that" slightly annoyed tone" in a moment of puase for hime she uses her wail and gets ready to turn and run. now the dc save for the fear effect was only 15, something this boss could easily push off. i roll and what do you know a Nat 1.. i stunned proceed to tell her how the boss suddenly passes out in fear and his mind controled fall with him. i. this moment she runs up and smashes his head in with her club and so ended what was supposed to be a 5 stage boss fight with epic monologue turned into that ? .i had fun and it was great and i hope to play again with them soon.


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