The Hag that Couldn’t

A green hag had a poor plan against the party, and a zombie refused to go down.


So I play a party with my dad as the DM. He's not quite attuned to 5e, but he at least gets the job done. The part consists of me, the gnome Cleric of the Forge, and 4 half-elves that are Druid, Sorcerer, Rogue, and Fighter. We just fled from an island via a ship due to the goddess of the former civilization there sinking it after orcs and goblins defiled her temple. After a day or two, we wash up on shore of a nearby island. We beach the ship to make sure it doesn't get swept away. After gathering what we grabbed from the island on the ship, leaving some old flatware we took, I climb up to the top of the mast and spot a sort of road going inland. With nowhere else to go, starving, and somewhat tired, we walk down the path. A few hours of walking later, we come across a crying girl. My cleric, who while is Chaotic Neutral, feels like she needs to help. Meanwhile, the druid of the party found this fishy and wanted to leave the girl be. Unfortunately for him, the other party sided with me.

"Hey, what's wrong? Are you hurt?"

The girl looks up at my gnome and between sobs says, "I lost my brother in the woods, and I'm worried!"

She tells us that she and her brother ran away from home from their abusive father, but got separated in the thick forest. The whole time, our druid's player is just pointing out how this feels like a massive trap. Suddenly, the girl grabs my cleric's hand and leads her into the forest. I follow without resistance, thinking the girl is taking me to where she last saw her brother. The rest of the party follows.

A few hours later, the forest gets dark, and the sounds of the forest vanish except the crunching of leaves beneath our feet. The druid and I are now wary as this is rather unnatural. Finally we slow down to a ramshackle shack in a clearing. Near the shack is an old fire pit that has no embers or anything, and two mounds of dirt. That comes into play later.

After some looking around, my cleric turns to the girl and tries to get some more details, but the girl is silent. She turns around, and then the girl starts to cackle. We all turn and watch as the girl morphs into a green hag. Roll Initiative.

The fight is rather short as it is a one-on-five, until the hag points at the mounds and two zombies rise out of it. The girl, and a boy, presumably the brother. We figure out that it was the hag that killed them, but to keep the fight in our advantage, I use Turn Undead. The boy fails, but the girl saves. Lucky for us, they're incredibly slow.

Halfway through the fight, the hag realizes her horrid mistake as we have taken barely any damage and her zombie servants weren't much help. She suddenly vanishes with a cackle. My turn came up and I casted Detect Evil and Good, and the hag pings as right in her same location. She tried to give the illusion that she teleported away. I miss the attack with my mace, but I shout out where she is. Soon, she is taken down without a shred of mercy. Meanwhile, the Fighter and Sorcerer are dealing with the girl. She goes down, and when we look to the boy, the girl gets up again. Rinse and repeat about 7 times (Undead Fortitude, pretty annoying.) Soon, she goes down and finally fails the save. We then go deal with the boy and he fails the first save.

In a sign of respect, my cleric puts a gold coin on each of the kids' foreheads and rebury them with a prayer. Once the party looted the hag, which had only a few coins on her person and nothing in her shack, I cast Create Bonfire in the fire pit and turn her to ashes, sending another prayer to damn the hag's soul to the Seven Hells. We make it back to the road, the surrounding area now once again filled with life after the hag's demise. We make it to the city and find that the kids have been missing for years after asking about an incredibly old "Missing" sign bearing the likeness of the two kids. We find that the father missed them incredibly, and soon went insane and ran off into the woods. We'll most likely encounter him while on the island, but hopefully we can cure his crazinesswhen we do, but until then may his children rest in peace. And if we have to kill the father, may he rejoin his family in the Astral Plane.


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