The Horrors Of 1st Death

Well, lets start with how it all began, from chill to sheer horror.

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Well, to start, my DnD campaign started like any other.  My party was a team of 7 and I was the DM (Comprised of 1 druid, 1 fighter, 2 rogues, 1 ranger, a paladin, and a bard. They have just been tasked to go to a nearby dungeon and slay a lich. It is important to note that all these characters are level 4 and raring for the thrill amd challenge. They orepped their weapons and spells before departing their stay with Pabshuradi, a friendly copper dragon. Upon entering the dungeon, they have stumbled across already Zombies and a time puzzle. The zombies were easy and the time puzzle was frustrating, but fun for them, as they had exclaimed. The next room they came across was blocked down the middle with walls that split down the middle, that converges in the end. the Gnome Druid decides to take point and move forward to the right of the split. From here, they came in contact with cultists. Battle was initiated and everyone rolled their initiatives. It is also worth noting that I am very lenient with deaths and that they rarely happen, in fact never happened. The party begins by slaying the cultists. They were doing well until….the bodak showed up.  The party had never encountered this before but they saw it like any other enemy. The paladin rushes on scene and looks dead into its eyes. He was unaware of the death gaze ability it had and he was forced to roll a constitution save. He ended up rolling a Nat 1.  I, as a DM watched in dismay as I knew what I had to do. The party was aching to find out what happened. As the DM, I asked for his character sheet. Everyone was confused as to what I was doing, until they watched in horror as I ripped his sheet in half. Everyone was mortified as they just figured out that the paladin had instantly died from the death gaze of the Bodak. The party ended up killing the bodak Without any more deaths, but it still left a scar in everyone’s minds. Let this be a lesson to always learn about your enemies before you engage them. The player took it pretty lightheartedly and hes actually excited to play his next character that he created, so at least all is well in the end,  and they now learned that death is still a hazard in DnD, and that you should always plan ahead. 


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