The Human Suit

Three goblins leave their village and head off to a new human village. They do so by use of a human-shaped suit.

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“It’s really easy.” Malkot a goblin with long ears started explaining, “I don’t like life in the village and you don’t either.” The goblin said and brushed the long robes out from under his feet.

“You got that right,” Ctunk another goblin agreed nodding and rubbed his long nose.

“I don’t see how us not being happy here means we need to leave,” Zeng said and frowned. This goblin had a number of little nobs on his head as though he had been hit around the head recently and he rubbed them gently.

Malkot and Ctunk sighed.

“If we leave then we won’t get hit or yelled at,” Malkot said again, “My mechanical suit needs three to work. We can leave the goblin village and go to the human village. So, you and Ctunk won’t get hit all the time.”

“Won’t humans just hit us too?” Zeng asked and rubbed the nobs on his head, “I mean you’re smart, Malkot, and I trust you and Ctunk but I don’t understand. Humans don’t like goblins. Why wouldn’t they just hit us too.”

“That’s the beauty of the suit, Zeng,” Malkot said, “We’ll be hiding. They won’t know we’re goblins.”

“But I don’t know how to speak human,” Zeng said.

The other two sighed again.

“You and me will be in the suit hiding,” Ctunk explained, “Malkot will be the one speaking.”

Ctunk and Malkot wait. Zeng seemed to be thinking a lot harder than he had ever before. It had only taken an hour of explaining to get this far with Zeng and it looked like he might finally get it.

“Oh, okay,” Zeng finally said, “But won’t we need jobs?”

Malkot opened his mouth and then realized that he didn’t think about that.

“Yeah, but you have a knack at finding magical herbs, and I know how to make potions, and Ctunk is good with tools,” Malkot said, “I’m sure we can just set up a shop to sell potions to make a living, and while we do that I do have some human money we can use.”

“You do?” Ctunk asked, “How much do you have?”

Malkot was a little embarrassed.

“I’m not actually sure, but I think it should be enough for a little while,” Malkot said but he wasn’t sure. He knew he had a total of 200 coins, but there were three different types of coins and that was a little confusing.

Zeng thought for a bit more and a few minutes passed.

“Okay, let’s go,” Zeng consented.

The other two cheered, more to that Zeng finally understood the situation than to Zeng agreed to leave.

They left the village that night and started their journey to a large human town. They walked along the road in the suit Malkot built so they could practice using it. It had three spots, one for the main driver who operated both arms and was the head, and one for one left leg and helping with the left arm and the other for the right leg and right arm. It took a lot of practice to use it right, and Malkot was happy no one was around because he definitively though they looked like a they were about to fall out of a tree. You see, when goblins drink, they like to do it in a tree and when they drink too much they can often fall out.

When they finished for the day every night Malkot would make some adjustment to help out with making the suite work better while Zeng went out to collect herbs and Ctunk collected food and water.

It was a good thing the village was a longways away because it took nearly a week or using it and practicing to get it working just right. They even had enough herbs and potions and medical poultices that they even had quite a store to sell when they finally got to town and it was all held inside the suit. They felt they had a good chance, since they did pass by a few humans and even though they got a few weird looks, none of the humans attacked them.

“Good day, there uh,” Malkot was pretty sure the human he was talking to was a man since they didn’t have visible breasts, “Sir. Is there a place to, uh” Malkot’s vocabulary was limited, “eat and sleep?”

“Yeah there’s a tavern over there,” The man said and gave the walking monstrosity a strange look but pointed to a sign that read “The Sleepy Sow” and had a picture of a pig with drooping eyes and its head lulled to one side.

“Thank you,” Malkot said and then whispered down to the other where to go. They walked to the tavern and Malkot was, after a few attempts, to get the door open and they walked inside. The tavern was not busy and there were quite a few open tables.

“What do we do?” Zeng whispered up in goblin.

“Do we just sit down?” Ctunk asked in a fevered whisper also in goblin.

Malkot thought hard about what to do but was saved but a lady wiping down a table.

“Just sit anywhere you want,” She said and stood up and turned around, “I’ll be right with you?”

“Thank you,” Malkot said and then directed the others to sit at a table in the corner of the tavern.

It took a little while but the lady came up to their table.

“How can I . . . help . . . you?” The barmaid said and she looked at the suit with Malkot’s head sticking out.

“We would,” Malkot caught himself, “I would like three bowls of . . .” His arm moved with a little wooden creak and pointed to what someone else was eating, “That.”

“Sure, that will be six copper,” the barmaid said and her voice was questioning, but Malkot didn’t catch that since he was still new to using the human language.

“Just a moment,” The arm swungings inside the suit and Ctunk held up the money pouch as the hand clutched the bag and then sung it out. The bag slipped out of the mechanical hand and dropped to the table.

“Sorry, wormy fingers,” Malkot said.

The bar maid squinted at Malkot and smiled.

“I haven’t heard that before,” She said, picked up the pouch, pulled out 6 copper coins and put the pouch back on the table, “Normally we say butter fingers.”

“Oh, right,” Malkot said quickly realizing that he made a big mistake, “Butter fingers.”

“I’ll be right back with your soup,” She said and looked at the suit with an appraising squint, unfortunate Malkot was too busy trying to pick up the pouch with the suit’s hand to notice.

When she left Ctunk just reached out and pulled the pouch back inside the suit.

“We should have practiced using the hands,” Ctunk whispered up.

“Yeah,” Zeng whispered up as well, “It’s hard to use the arm if I can’t see.”

“I’ll have to do some adjusting later so we can work that out,” Malkot said trying out the hand motion on the suit and stopped suddenly when the bar maid headed their way with a tray with three bowls of soup on it.

She put the three bowls of soup down and steps back a little bit.

“So, where did you come from?” She asked.

Malkot froze for a moment as he tried to think up something to say.

“We, uh, I came from the forest. . .” Malkot realized he didn’t know the words for the different directs and then swung one arm to point at the direction they came from.

“I don’t know of any settlements in that direction,” She said, “Is it a big place.”

“No, I lived mostly alone,” Malkot said and his nose was twitching at the smell of the soup which smelled really good.

“Oh, what made you decide to come here?” She asked.

“I wanted to make a money and find a place to live,” Malkot said and his words were a little slow as he reached the peak of his human speech.

“Oh, what can you do?” She asked and Malkot could feel Ctunk and Zeng trying to peek though the robes to see where the smell of the food was coming from. Malkot kicked them to have them go back to their stations.

“We I, make,” And he had to think hard about what were the right words in human to explain what they were going to do, “Medicine from plants.”

“We do need a good potion maker here,” She said and looked down at the soup. “What’s your name?”

“Malkot,” He answered before he thought about it and then growled at himself in anger for not thinking up a human name in advanced.

“I’ll leave you to your food then,” She turned to leave.

“Wait,” Malkot said, “I need place to sleep.”

“We do have a few rooms, and they are three silver a night,” She said, “How many nights do you need?”

“Five,” Malkot said and he swung his arm back in to try and get the pouch again, this time he is able to put it on the table without it falling out of the machine’s fingers.

The bar maid picked up the pouch and she picked though the pouch and is able to find 15 silver.

“Just one room?” She asked before putting the pouch back on the table.

“I am one human,” Malkot said and tried to smile.

“Right,” she said looking at the middle of the cloak covering the suit. “I’ll lead you to your room when you’ve finished with your soup.” She left and the moment she turned her back Zeng and Ctunk grabbed a bowl of soup and pulled it inside the suit.

“Hand me up mine,” Malkot said quietly in goblin.

Zeng handed up the last bowl and they all drank it the soup down noisily. It was so good that they didn’t even bother to hide for a second or two, but once they realized they were out of the suit they quickly finished the soup and put the bowls back on the table.

“I’d be willing to stay here just for that,” Ctunk said quietly, “That was delicious.”

“I know,” Zeng whispered, “What do you think was in it?”

“I don’t know, but I know the meat wasn’t squirrel or deer,” Malkot whispered down.

The bar maid walked towards the table from across the tavern.

“Quick get back to your places,” Malkot whispered frantically down to the others.

“Did you like the soup?” She asked smiling.

“It was very good,” Malkot said smiling for real this time.

“Would you like some more?” She asked.

Malkot thought about it but didn’t want to pay for more since he wasn’t sure how much money he really had left.

“It would be on the house,” She said and Malkot looked at her blankly trying to figure out what she said, “It would be free, no charge.”

Malkot understood that and really wanted more, but wasn’t sure if he could get a bowl more for each of them. He suddenly realized that humans must not eat three bowls of soup and still want more.

He tried to whisper down to his friends in goblin as quietly as he could.

“She wants to know if we want more?” Malkot whispered in goblin trying not to move his lips.

“Yes,” was the quick whisper back from both Zeng and Ctunk.

“Yes, w-I would,” Malkot said nodding.

“Okay, three more bowl on the house,” She picked up the bowls and left for the kitchen.

The moment she walked away a man walked up and he was large, covered in hair, scowling, and had a large sword on his hip.

Malkot froze and didn’t know what to do. They must have been found out. Zeng and Ctunk also froze. They didn’t bring any weapons and didn’t plan on fighting this soon.

“Hi, I’m Bert, I understand you make medicine,” Bert said.

This was the largest human they have seen so far and Malkot froze. He heard the words but the words mulled in his head for a few seconds before he realizes what was actually asked.

“Yes, we have medicine,” Malkot said forgetting to use the singular term this time.

“You see, I have a stomach ache something fierce and was wondering if you had anything on you that would help,” Bert said and rubbed his stomach.

“Your stomach?” Malkot didn’t understand the word at first but once he saw where the man was rubbing, he caught on. “Something for your stomach. Just a moment.”

Malkot kicked Zeng and fervently whimpered down, “Do we have a stomach ache cure?” as quietly as he could and swung a wooden arm into his suit.

He looked up at the man and laughed nervously and Zeng and Ctunk searched though the potions they made and put a stomach aid into the hand.

“It’s in the hand,” Zeng whispered up.

Malkot pulled the hand out of the suit and reached the wooden arm out towards the man with the bottle of what looked like a slightly muddy brown mixture.

The man took the bottle and uncorked it and took a deep smell. His eyes grew wide for a moment and he then drank the bottle down. After drinking the entire contents, he sighed in relief and put the bottle down on the table and then pulled out a money pouch.

“I know those can’t be cheap and that worked great and actually didn’t taste like garbage,” the man said and pulled out a gold coin and put in on the table with the bottle.

When the bar maid returned with the soup Bert walked away and gave the bar maid a nod before he left the tavern. The bar maid put down the three bowl of soup and left. Malkot was still frozen with a dumb smile on his face.

The three goblins took a while before they were able to harrow themselves again and eat the soup. They were starving before, but the thought that they were caught really shook them and it took them awhile to finish the soup they were brought. When they finished these bowls the bar maid led them to their room for the night, they walked like there were about to fall out of a tree, and once the door was closed, they all popped out of the suit as fast as they could and sank to the floor.

“I thought we were going to die,” Ctunk said and sank to all fours.

Zeng crawled up on the bed and started taking long deep breath to sooth himself.

“You were in the suit,” Malkot said, “He was massive! I think he could have ripped the arms off a troll and then beat the troll to death with them.”

“The disguise worked,” Ctunk said finally, “If it didn’t, we would be dead.”

“Yes, yes,” Malkot said quietly, “I think we just need to get used to all these people and then it’ll be fine.”

“When are we going to collect herbs?” Zeng asked.

“When we need them,” Maklot said, “It’s lucky we had that potion.”

“We need to leave the suit to collect herbs.” Zeng said.

Ctunk and Malkot’s eyes widen.

“I don’t want to meet that man outside the suit,” Zeng said.

“We’ll have to do that at sunset,” Maklot answered, “and pray we don’t see that man while we’re getting herbs.”

They were greeted by the bar maid when they came to the main room after their first night’s rest. They were told they got breakfast free and after eating were told they could try and just setup a blanket outside. After breakfast of something called ‘pancakes’ the goblins head outside. They set up a little blanket outside the tavern and sat the suit down on it and put out a lot of the potions and poultices, all of which he pulled out of the suit when no one was looking. Malkot made a few small slits so Ctunk and Zeng could see a little bit.

“So, these are coppers,” Malkot said looking at the copper coins, “and there are ten copper coins to a silver coin, and ten silver coins to a gold coin.” He was a little warry since the man that was buying a healing potion was also carrying a large club and a shield.

“Hey wait a second!” Some one yelled out from behind the crowd pointing to Malkot and drawing a sword, “Isn’t that a g. . .”

The person was gagged and then dragged off to one side where Bert and few other people whisper quietly to the person before being let them go. The person then bought a potion before they left.

Actually, everyone that bought from the goblins today were armed, and Malkot was very alarmed at first, but no one attacked them and by the end of the day, they were up almost three hundred gold coins.

They were able to upgrade from a blanket to a small stall the next day. Malkot built the rough rustic looking cart that night while Malkot and Zeng slipped out of the room at night to get herbs from the forest. They snuck out and found that the streets were empty. They were able to take care of everything under the guise of darkness. After a few nights of heading out to get herbs they found that the streets were nearly always empty.

“You put this,” Malkot tried to remember what it was called.

“Poultice?” the Lady said.

“Yeah, poultice,” Malkot said, “put a hand full in water first so it will not be dry and then squeeze it so it don’t have to much wet then put it on the hurt and wrap it.”

“So, you want me to soak some of the herbs in water and then squeeze out the excess water and then put in on the injury and wrap it.” The Lady said.

“Yes,” Malkot took mental notes about what she said so he would be able to do remember it later. It seemed like everyday for a while Malkot was learning new words. Their healing potions were their best-selling items and the most expensive. Adventurers were coming to town to buy them up and some days there even broke bringing in over a thousand gold.

“You know malkot,” the bar maid said after a few months of them staying at the inn, “We really appreciate you being here for so long, but if you are going to stay in town you might want to buy a house or a shop, and there is an empty building on the edge of town. I think I could find out who owns it and you could buy it from them.”

“We-I could buy a house in town?” Malkot asked and was surprised.

“Well, yes,” the Maid said, “I believe you have enough to buy it.”

“Do we want to buy a house here?” Malkot whispered down to the others in goblin.

“Yes,” the both whisper up.

“Yes, it would be nice to get a house,” Malkot said.

It was a few hours and Malkot was at his cart when he was approached by a lady holding some paperwork.

“I understand you might want my old store,” She said, “It is still in decent shape but might need a little fixing up.”

“Yes, we would like a place,” Malkot said.

“It has three rooms above the shop and a back room behind the main shop,” She said and put the papers on the cart, “I’m asking for ten thousand gold for the building and the land it’s on. It does have about ten acers of land that have been fenced off.”

Malkot knew that was a lot of money.

“Yes,” Malkot said, “Let us check to see if I have enough.”

The three spent the next twenty minutes counting out the gold from inside the suit and putting it on the cart.

“That all seems to be in order,” She said and then pulled out a quill and ink and signed the paper, “Now just sign the paper on the other line and the shop will be yours.” She put down the quill next to the page and then turned around for no apparent reason.

Malkot quickly signed the paper with his regular hands while her back was turned since he doesn’t have that kind of control with the mechanical arm and then coughed.

The lady turned around and them smiled and picked up the sacks of gold coins.

“Well, it’s all in order,” She smiled, “It’s all yours.”

“Thank you,” Malkot called out.

There were ecstatic, they now had a place of their own.

The goblins relocated all the items to their new shop. It did need a few repairs and the land was fenced off, but the fence was in poor shape, and the roof was leaking and needed some new shingles and the latches on the doors needed to be fixed and the tables were a little run down. The goblins ended up buying wood, paint, and paid the blacksmith for nails, new hinges, and latches.

“You fixed this shop up really fast,” Their first customer asked when they opened up the shop for business, “Could you possibly do some repairs on my house?” He chuckled.

Malkot thought about it and then whispered down to Ctunk.

“He’s asking if we could fix his house?” Malkot whispered.

“Ask what he wants fixed,” Ctunk whispered up.

“What needs to be done?” Malkot asked.

“My roof is leaking, I think I need some shingles replaced,” the man said a little taken aback.

“He said his roof leaks,” Malkot whispered down.

“It might take a little while, but It could be done in a few days,” Ctunk said.

“Yes,” Malkot said, “But it will take a few days.”

“Sounds good,” the man then bought some pills for headaches and left. “I’ll come back to pay for the roof.”

“Ctunk, Zeng,” Malkot said down in goblin, “I think we should all learn human so we can take turns on the shop. I’ll fix the suit so two of can run it when it’s sitting down.”

“We’re really close to the forest,” Zeng noted, “I think I could actually hide all the way to the forest if we need more herbs. I think it I could even do that during the day.”

“Starting tomorrow,” Malkot said, “yeah we could all takes turns doing different things and we would only need two people here at any time. That way you can get herbs, I can make potions, and Ctunk can fix things when we need to.”

The next few days the goblins all started taking turns running the suit. They had a sudden serge of customers and Malkot and Ctunk ran the suit while Zeng ran off towards the forest to get more herbs. It took longer than expected for Zeng to get back, but when he did return, he was smiling and had a huge bunch of herbs.

“What took you so long?” Ctunk asked.

“Oh, it was fun being out in the sun again,” Zeng said, “We found a lot of herbs in the forest.”

“We?” Malkot asked.

“I,” Zeng said softly, “I found a lot of herbs.” He was still smiling.

The other two frowned but didn’t say anything.

They worked at the shop for a while and they found that they started having slow days, when almost no one needed anything so they decided to close the store for two days a week. That gave Ctunk a chance to fix items that were brought in by the townspeople, Malkot time to make potions, and Zeng time to collect herbs and then all time to practice speaking human. Malkot was better than the others, but Zeng was picking up the language really fast, much faster than Ctunk. Zeng also seemed to know words that neither Malkot or Ctunk had heard before. He was spending a lot of time collecting herbs, but did sometimes come back, exhausted, without herbs. When asked Zeng would just say he must have been in the wrong part of the forest. They really wanted to plant medicinal herbs on the land they now owned but it was one thing to be in the forest getting herbs during the day, but they would be seen in they were in their own back yard for sure.

“I always though Zeng was slower than other goblins,” Ctunk said one night while helping Malkot make some more potions. They were running low on healing salve. The shop was closed.

“You know I thought so too,” Malkot said while melting down some bee’s wax in a pot, “Maybe, since he’s not getting hit on the head all the time, his brains are getting better.”

“Maybe,” Ctunk said and was measuring out some oil in a cup, “But he always did have a way of getting into trouble.”

“Yeah,” Malkot said adding some of the oil and stirring, “But we’ve got a good life here, and I don’t think he would do anything to change that. I mean he’s happier than I have ever seen him before.”

“Well save that one time he was with the chief’s daughter,” Ctunk laughed.

Part two

“The chief’s daughter was a smashed finger,” Malkot laughed too, “All you had to do was wait and you would wake up with her in your bed.”

“He woke up in her bed,” Ctunk laughed, “That was how he got caught. The only other time he smiled so much is when he was playing with the little ones. But he insisted on playing nice versions of, rock dodge, stump, hide, and stick bash. The children loved him, but everyone else though he was too soft.”

Something clicked in Malkot’s head and he stopped stirring for a moment.

“Have you noticed that Zeng leaves to collect herbs shortly after the same few kids come in the shop?” Malkot asked.

Ctunk thinks about it for a moment.

“No, that’s dumb,” Ctunk said finally “Human kids wouldn’t play with a goblin.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Malkot said and they continued making the potions.

Zeng comes back about an hour after dark.

“I got a lot today,” Zeng said happily.

“You didn’t find anything yesterday,” Ctunk said.

Zeng frowns, “I had to go deeper in the forest today.”

“We will need to help you for the next few weeks,” Malkot said as he separated the different herbs in to pile.

“What?” Zeng asked suddenly, “Why?”

“Winter’s coming, the trees have already started changing colors,” Malkot answered, “If we don’t get all the herbs we can, we won’t have anything to sell until spring.”

“We’ve got herbs in pots,” Zeng says softly.

“Those are for emergencies,” Malkot responded, “and they won’t be enough to cover some of the needs that the village has. We’ll close the shop in a few days to help out.”

Zeng dropped the herbs and looked around the room, seemingly to find another excuse.

“Zeng,” Ctunk starts, “Is something wrong?”

“No,” Zeng said quickly and sadly.

Ctunk and Malkot knew something was wrong.

They finished sorting the herbs and went to bed and Zeng seemed down the entire time.

The next day Zeng was the first one up in the shop and he slammed the front door when Ctunk came down.

“What were you doing?” Ctunk asked.

“Nothing,” Zeng said quickly, “Just making sure the door works.”

“Hmm” Ctunk frowned and walked across the room.

Ctunk raised an eyebrow and then tested the door. It stuck a little bit being opened and closed.

“Huh. I’ll fix that,” Ctunk said and opened and closed the door a few more times, “I’ll just need to take a little wood off the door. Thanks for finding that.”

“Uh huh,” Zeng said and slinked away.

Malkot came down stairs.

“Good morning,” Malkot said in human, “Let’s put the potions on the shelves.”

“I’ll help,” Zeng said and hurried to the back room to help bring out the potions.

It took a little while to fill the shelves and they noted the potions that they don’t have in stock and will need to make later. The shop was opened for a few hours and they got lunch at the Sleepy Sow before finishing the day at the shop.

Malkot insisted that they find herbs and headed out into the woods for a few hours. They walked outside in the suit to make sure that they wouldn’t need to worry about being found out as goblins. They sat the suit down and headed out into the woods.

It was after about one hour and the three have wandered quite a way away from the suit and the light is just about all gone as the sun has finished setting. Fortunately, goblins could see in the dark so they could still search for herbs for a long time. They would have searched for a lot longer but something happened.

“Hey!” A voice called out in human, “Malkot!” They recognized the voice of Bert

All three goblins looked up and there the large man was, standing next to the suit, and looked at it. The man held up a lantern and frowning.

“What do we do?” Ctunk asked.

“Maybe he won’t notice,” Zeng said hopefully.

Both Ctunk and Maklot sighed.

“It’s doesn’t have a head,” Malkot said softly.

The man turned towards the woods and held up the lantern.

“Goblins, are you there?” Bert yelled.

“We’re found out!” Zeng yelled and dropped his herbs and ran off.

Malkot and Ctunk took a little longer but yelled out as well.

The man ran out into the woods towards the sound of the yelling and the goblins scatter, but Zeng heads towards their shop.

“No, don’t,” Ctunk yelled and ran after Zeng and Malkot followed after the two.

“Stop!” Bert from behind them and they can tell they are being pursued.

They three reached the shop and just closed the door when Bert started pounding on the door.

“He’s going to hit us,” Zeng said and covered his head.

“Hit us?” Malkot said, “I that was the big human we ran into when we first came to this place. He’s probably going to kill us!”

“Hurry, upstairs,” Ctunk said and ran upstairs followed by the others.

The front door sounded like it got kicked in and the three duck into the first room, and since the beds were large were able to all squeeze underneath it. It sounds like something was dropped on the floor downstairs and then the man stomped up the stairs and opened the door and held out the lantern.

“My stomach is killing me,” Bert said, “and chasing after you hasn’t help.”

The man lifted the bed off the three goblins.

“Do you have any more of that medicine for stomach aches?” Bert said holding his stomach.

“You’re not going to hit us?” Zeng asked holding his head.

“Why would I do that,” Bert asked slowly, “You’re the best potion makers for miles.”

“I though humans killed goblins,” Maltok said.

“Well,” Bert said and grimaced, “I have, but normally only if they are attacking people. Oh, I brought your silly suit back.”

“Suit?” Ctunk asked.

“Yes, that silly thing you wear around town when you’re trying to pretend you’re human,” Bert said, “Can we talk about this later, I really need that medicine.”

The three goblins got up and walked down stairs while the human shadowed them. The human suit was on the floor in front of the counter. Malkot found the stomach medicine, and got up on a stool behind the counter.

“That will be five silver?” Malkot said uncertain.

“Sure,” Bert said and paid for the medicine. He quickly drank the medicine and sighed with relief.

“I’m glad you’re not killing us, but how did you know we were in a suit?” Malkot asked.

“You never covered you’re face,” Bert said, “it was a wooden man with a goblin head, everyone in town knows you are goblins.”

“What?” the three asked at the same time.

Bert laughed.

“Zeng,” and Bert pointed at Zeng, “plays with the kids and collects herbs from the forest. Ctunk,” and he pointed at Ctunk, “you do the house repairs at night. And Malkot,” and he pointed at Malkot, “You make the potions and medicine and usually the head of the suit, but all three of you have been the head of the suit at some time and you each use your own name when we talk to you.”

The three goblins stared at Bert for a moment. Then almost at the same time hit themselves in the head.

“Look, if you want to wear the suit, that’s fine,” Bert said, “but maybe tomorrow you can try just being yourselves. I’m sorry about the door and scaring you, and thanks for the medicine.” He tosses down a few more coins onto the counter.

“That’s for the door.” Bert said and then left the shop and closes the door.

“Zeng,” Ctunk yelled, “You were playing with the kids!?”

“They’re nice and it’s fun to play with them,” Zeng said back.

“Ctunk,” Malkot said loudly, “Please fix the door, and we should all just go to bed.”

Ctunk repaired the latch for the door and they all went to bed.

The next day they talked about what happened, and tried running the shop without the suit, but kept it close by if they needed it. They were surprised that all their normal patrons didn’t even seem to care or even notice that they weren’t in the suit. Some of the people even noted they are glad the goblins finally felt comfortable to be themselves. The goblins even, finally, turned their back yard into an herb garden, but with inter coming they wouldn’t have herbs until spring.

They ran the shop for the next week as goblins and even went to eat at the tavern a few times as themselves. There were a times that people from out of town drew their weapons when they entered the shop, but there was usually a townsperson in there that would berate the person and tell them to put their weapons away and any fight was adverted.

“I wish I knew humans were this nice,” Ctunk said as he worked on fixing a box someone brought in.

“I thought my suit was a perfect disguise,” Malkot said and glared at the suit they now kept on the corner of the shop.

“I’m glad I don’t have to pretend to work when I’m playing with the kids,” Zeng said.

“You should still be working on finding herbs,” Ctunk said.

“Well,” Malkot started, “It’s still better here than where we came from. Wait a second.” Malkot turned to Zeng, “The kids!”

“What?” Ctunk and Zeng asked at the same time.

“That’s why Zeng knows so many words we don’t,” Malkot said.

“I guessed that right after Bert told us,” Ctunk said and went back to work.


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