The liberation of Blazerun

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So my friends and I started a campaign a few months ago called "Dreams from the north". where the main plot as we know it is that Asmodeus, the demon king of the nine hells have accidentaly released fragments of his dreams on the world. Our group decided to take care of them since they each affect the population where they are found differently. The first one we found affected peoples dreams where they experienced being killed over and over so no one dared to go to sleep. The second one was based in a dwarven city where everybody was in a state of euporia and no one worked so the production died down and people was lazy, meaning the economy of the city was realy realy bad.

But this story is about the third one, located in my characters city of Blazerun. A city located on the far coast where people lived a good life and was in good contact with the Highborn who saw himself more of a leader than a chieftain. My character (A 5th level paladin white dragonborn, vengence oath) hadden't seen his family in years so I was quite nervous on how this was gonna play out. Him and his friends (a half elf rouge and black paladin dragonborn) arrived at early night and was told to give their name. This was something that they never had to do before so my character thought that was a bit strange, but it would only be worse.

When they came up the dm told us that the people looked sad and depressed. When guards walked by, people decided on walking over to the other side of the street as if they where scared of them. We made way to "The Dragons tear", a tavern on wich my characters sister was working. She told us that the Highborn had started to collect higher taxes and their parrents hadden't been seen for months, she had to work three shifts per day to be able to pay the weakly tax. I gave her an opal worth 150 gold to help her and then we where of to see my older brother. He had stopped his studies to becomme a wizard and started to work at my fathers smithy. When we arrived, huge scars was painted on his back from a whip and he told us that if you couldn't pay the tax, you were punnished with lashes. He also told us that the Highborn haden't been seen for months, that our little brother was in the field, fighting and had been gone for a while. I promised him to make things right and he told us to come to "The scraps" at night (a part of the city that the poorest of the people now lived. We walked out and saw four guards heading our way, I could only belive that they where going to collect the taxes. I stopped them and asked what he owed and they said "250 gold peices". Being short I told them that I would take his punnishment. They took me to the town centre and lashed me 15 times. I asked them how often the people had to pay and one of the guards said "Once every week". "I hope you can look yourself in the mirror, knowing what you do to these poor souls" I said and wondered off. We went to the school district and I told my friend about the city, how it used to be and how the Highborn loved to be close to his people and that people of all races used to live there but now it seemed like only dragonborn did.

Night came and we went to "The scrubs" where a hooded figure met us. He led us to a makeahift tavern where about 40 people had a meeting. Oldscale, a older dragonborn took the podium and told us all that enogh was enough and that we had to options to stop the tyrany. 1:we atorm the gates, 2:we take a more subbtle approach and take the waterway in. "Are you all insane? If you try to storm the gates, you will be killed, these are all trained soldiers and taking an unknown waterway in is even more suicide if you don't know what you do" I said. "If you have a better idea, please, share" oldscale said. I thought to myself that I put myself in deep dodo now bit decided to rp trough everything. "We should try to break up into smaller militias to hit them from different sides. First a smaller group will use the waterway in to free prisoners who can stand with us. We should also use the mines to dig a way into the castle grounds and help the first group as the rest of us prepare an assault from the front. Confusion will arrise and we will have the advantage.", "roll persuation". My character has no modifier for persuation so I hoped the dice gods would be mercyfull… Theu were, 17 and the people noded in aproval. The few who volountered to sneak in said that they didn't want to risk being recognized so we hatched a plan to break in to thaw magea college and snatch a scrool of seeming, we decided to break in the night before the attack with a distraction at the city guards stables. We asked the revolution group to help us and they agreed to set it ablaze. We snuck in and the firat rooms were not so hard but thanks to a unlucky rool by our rouge an alarm was set of. We dashed to the library, snatching the scrolls and jumped out the window (that was luckily based on the first floor). Our distraction had worked. Not many guards were present more than one outside that we had to dispose of. We were followed by some guards that had been in the college but managed to shake them off. A timeskip later we where finaly at the night of the attack. I gave my sister who was going to be the leader of the stealth aproach some cards of illusion I had aqired during our first session. As we prepared ourselfs with our group that had grown a bit from the first meeting, a light set of, indicating that people where close to the gates of the castle grounds. We quickly made our way into an in and told the barkeep that we where a night hunting party that had little luck with our hunt. But our rouse wouldn't be held for long as we heard a roar comming from outside. No time to waste we quikly formed up outside and wited for the gates to open. The wall from the mines smashed open as we knew that the second group had made it trough. I took some cards of illousion and told my dm that I would trow the out as soon as the guards showed up. As they did I threw the cards out and my dm told me to roll a d20, a d10 and a d4 five timea to see what I threw out. The illusion of the cards wouldn't work if I choose which ones to conjure. Luck was at my side, I conjured a hill giant, an earth elemental, a berserker, a fire giant and a red dragon. Chaos erupted and we quikly made our way to the tower where the Highborn lived. After two major encounters we finaly reached our goal. The highborn was sitting upon a huge treasure of gold, jewels and silver, stroking a strange chrystal. We tried to talk him to senses but he wouldn't have it. Me and my dragonborn pal made our way forward to him carefully while our rogue had her crossbow aimed at him. We managed to make him drop the chrystal, close it in a secure chest and he returned to normal. The revolution was a success but the day after, the Highborn abdicated, dissapointed of himself and gave the mantle and the reaponsibility to Oldscale. My characters parents where released and his younger brother called back from the front. I couldn't belive that the plan had worked.

I want to thank my group for fantastic teamwork and my DM who took everything I had told him about my backround and made this fantastic extra adventure and thanks to some very lucky rolls from our rogue in persuation. This was so epic thanks to you guys.


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