The mage who just wouldn’t die

A level 7 dungeon crawl and dark storyline turned into comedy gold

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I was at around level 8 and after battling our way through the dozens of undead and unnatural horrors crawling through the dungeon we were promised our hearts desire in exchange for clensing a temple of its undead problem. My wild mage only desired one thing  revenge.  He was a charlaten before all this happened until he conned the wrong person. He ended up torched in an alleyway by a wizard and suffered severe burns. On top of that he was cursed by the goddess of vengence so his wounds wouldn’t heal. After  meeting with her sister the goddess of forgiveness and mercy he was promised his sanity and looks would be restored if he forgave the wizard.   He was ready to face the big bad with the rest of the party. Only to get taken down almost immediately with some particularly lucky damage rolls on the big bads part. I did managed to deal some good damage first though and told the party how to beat her before going down. Here is where it gets interesting.  He was revived because we had a ton of healing potions.   I kept getting knocked unconcious due to bad luck and revived again. Every time I thought my character was a goner I made every death save got revived and repeat.  This happened over 15 times and the big bad was getting so annoyed she wasted several spell slots trying to make sure I stayed dead. My mage would always get fed healing potions by the rest of the party and get back up. Survived being dunked in acid twice, hit with an eldritch tenticle,  survived finger  of death etc.   The big bad just at one point asked what the hell I was and said I should be dead. My sorcerer  simply said he  was just a man who was too stubborn to die.  After the party defeated the big bad my sorcerer was one of the only survivors. One was a revenant brought back just long enough to deal the final blow before being called back to death. The other dissolved in acid and only I and one other remained alive. Despite all odds my sorcerer managed to keep crawling back from death. He was aged beaten and bloodied from his experience in the dungeon by my stubborn little half-elf survived.  He even became the divine champion  of a goddess in the process and opened his own temple to the goddess of mercy after he was healed retiring and becoming a priest. Instead of vengence he found peace.


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