The most messy and deadly way for a halfling to gain mythic ranks.

Bindal Buttons unleashes sith like power and slays a mythic cave horror


Our DM started running a high fantasy crazy campain at the request of several of the player. My character was initially meant to be a supporting arcane trickter rouge who collected buttons, but ended up quickly becoming the power house of the party after I realized a old friend who was joining us wasn’t playing a mage like he usually would.

A bit of backstory to explain some of the effects that occure, we had already gained mythic ranks by accidentally summoning a god and trading a gin king one of his daughters their own ring of servitude, so we had mythic abilities. One of these critical abilities I had grabbed was the mythic ability energy conversion. Also, I am a sorcerer rouge arcane trickster which means I have spontanious casting. I am also of the unicorn bloodline giving me healing spells.

While rescuing a dwarven king who was trapped by drow in a holy site, a story for another time, our kenetisist had run across a mythic cave horror. In this world, cave horrors are giant armored centepeeds that have armor made of the metals they eat from the rocks as they dig their tunnels. We get the king out of there and make our way to slay it as we want to gain mythic ranks. When we get back we find one of them watching a battle between another cave horror and drow. We appear beside it and begin our attack.

The beginning of the fight is nothing special, exepct that it’s acid spray nearly one shots me so I have to hide behind my party members so I don’t get evicerated. We quickly learn it is resistant to fire and weak to lighting so i am using my elemental spell and energy converstion to blast it with lighting type fireballs and lighting type scorching rays. The battle is going normally until the cave horror abandons one of it’s segments by imbedding it in a tunnel and leaving it behind as it ran. Our summoner decides he will dimestion door after it since it is a safer way to chase it, but in the lasts moment decides the best corse of action is to teleport infront of it to keep it from running away.

This ends poorly as one might expect. The cave horror immediatly moves after him and it simply tramples us under it’s weight. Luckily I had healed myself to nearly full with a mythic empowered cure moderate wounds as afterwords I was left with 3 hitpoints. 40 feet away prone on the ground I crawl after it moving up the 10 feet I need to be within sneak attack distance. Did you know you can get sneak attack damage on ray spells?

On the ground bloody and weak I decide that the best way to kills this thing is with everything I have. I use my metamagic rod of quickening and burn a mythic point to case three empowered electric type scorching rays. Each spells has 3 rays and each ray get’s sneak attack. Luckily it’s back end was exposed due to it abandoning the armor to seal off the tunnel as it had fortification, so now it only has a 25% change to ignore each rays sneak attack damage. I deal about 300 points of electric damage and fry the monster from the inside out.

The only problem this caused is the monster promptly exploaded burying me in a sea of acid. I go negitive, below my con. I think I just killed my character. Another one of my party members remember being mythic gives us cool powers so they quickly double check to see if I could still be alive. Luckily being mythic grants you the hard to kill ability, you had to go under twice your con to die. My party dug me out and healed me before the acid finished me off, which by our calculations would have happened in 2 turns. Definitly worth the mythic ranks for the party.



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