The Murder Paladin Part 2

After my last revenge against MP, he joined my Table to further see how far he could go. It wasn't very.


So there's a part 2, shortly after the first. Also, I am still friends with this player.

So I put together a public homebrew Curse of Strahd group. I like to encourage creativity and we ended up with some colorful characters. We had 

• An elven rogue who was struck with a curse that he could only talk via dance until he defeated a great enemy and became a hero. 

• A dwarf who swore to kill cereal mascots, having taken down a white rabbit, a leprechaun and set his sights on killing Strahd or "Count Chocula." 

• A large Tiefling gunslinger who smoked cigars and worked to hunt monsters. (yeah he was Hellboy and I'm close friends with the dude so I loved the reference)

Then… MP (Murder Paladin) wants to join. And he specifically wants to play that exact character. And the player is Hellboy player's son, so i can't be rude to him in front of his dad. I tried to argue that his Paladin was level 5 compared to everyone else's lvl 1, but the book allows for over 9th level so after a long discussion I was forced to agree by the party, who just wanted to get started.

The first 10 minutes consisted of me vetoing the MP's menagerie of mounts. Giant scorpion, no. Elephant, no. Rhino, rhi-No! Eventually I tell him that he has been separated from his beasts by the mists of Barovia, that he will get them back as soon as the one causing the mists is gone.

Firstly, the party finds an important NPC (Ismark, one of my favorites) and ignore his pleas for help protecting his sister from Strahd. Eventually though, the dwarf gets the idea to observe the sister and trap Count Chocula in action.

While the rest of the party took sensible posts… MP decides to break into the sister's room and stare at her. She wakes up and freaks out and he starts threatening to do… bad stuff to her. I warn MP that his god won't look kindly on that and MP claims he's lying, that he wouldn't do something like that.

Eventually Ismark and his sister blockade their home from the party and they leave. After doing some searching they discover the house has been attacked recently by werewolves, who have been spotted around the country. To MP, this means (very wrongly) that the werewolves are causing the mists.

So they eventually come face to face with Strahd himself and… MP offers him a deal. The party will kidnap and deliver the woman he wants if Strahd will not interfere with them slaughtering all the werewolves. Strahd does not agree to this but calls them amusing and wonders how long they will survive before he vanishes dramatically.

Dwarf blames MP for letting his target get away and PvP ensues. Unfortunately MP wins easily due to the level gap and Dwarf leaves the table angrily. After that, MP pulled out his trusty brand and tells the party that they must now convert to his religion and be marked or he will kill all of them. They all agree and I bite my tongue planning my next moves.

They slaughter all the werewolves, including a pregnant female and small child. However when MP tries to use Channel Divinity, he feels nothing. Instead of receiving any power from Bahamut, all he feels is cold nothingness as Strahd's laughter echoes in his mind. This makes him mad.

They eventually come to a place called Argnvostholt, filled with paladins so holy their righteous power has sustained them past death, causing eternal revenants. who can use radiant power and dont fear holy symbols or suffer from Turn Undead. These paladins, who worship a silver dragon, see MP as a profanity after he tries to convince them to be branded and join his army.

They fight him and none of the party go to help. He is cut down and the player calls it bullshit, that I singled him out to die and that it was all unfair. He storms out and his father apologizes profusely.

After that, the Dwarf soon rejoined and they went smoothly through the adventure. They got someone that removed the brands,The Dwarf killed Count Chocula, The Rogue became a hero and his curse lifted, and Hellboy got his target. MP and I are still friends but he will never play my table again. Happy Ending.


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