The origin of a rogue seeking peace and redemption

Not all rogues are proud of what they've done in their past. This one wishes to atone for the lives he has taken and escape his past.


“My name is Josh, im currently with a group of adventurers who i wouldnt trade even if i was offered an absurd amount of gold. For not even gold could bring me the kind of happiness and love that they show me everyday. However, it has been ages since ive felt this way, before my parents and childhood were taken from me. I was born in a corrupt city known simply as, Archith. A city where someone could be stabbed and no one would bat an eye or care. Unless you planned to rebel against this corruption than it becomes a problem, i learned that the hard way after i was forced to watch my parents get publically executed for their defiance. My parents were apart of a group that wanted nothing more than to expose and de-throne the corrupt king, Mii’das, and his officials. However, when Mii’das found out about these plans their fates were already sealed. I was only 6 years old when i was forced to watch as that coward sat atop his throne as my parents were beheaded in front of a cheering crowd. After that day i was alone, alone in a city that didnt care if i suffered or was even killed. At the time all i cared about was trying to survive, I resorted to thievery to accomplish this task. I didnt care who they were, as long as they had money or food that would keep me alive for another day, thats the only reason i needed to take from them. Looking back on it now, i was desperate and selfish, but it would all eventually lead me to a man named Gambino. I stole a few gold pieces from him when he was distracted, and when he had confronted me in an alley i was expecting to be killed then and there, but thats not what happened. For this was no ordinary man, this was the leader of a group known simply as, The Brotherhood of Shadow, a group dedicated to assassins and thieves alike, and it seemed as though that my skills, though rough, had piqued his interest. That day i was taken from the streets and into the guild, for once i was no longer in fear for my life. For once i had felt a sense of safety and security, i had felt something that i hadnt felt in a while, something that only my parents made me feel, happiness. I did everything i could to impress Gambino and the other members, for i wanted to be accepted by my new family. I endured intense training, and i did jobs that not even the best would do whether that be stealing from the rich and politically influential to even murder. I was only 9 years old when i killed my first man, at the time i thought it was glorious, but looking back it still haunts me. Everytime i close my eyes i can still see the many faces of those men, women, and even children that i have killed. There screams that were once soothing to listen to and were marked as a sign of glory, were now demented and agonizing. I couldn’t even bare to look at them anymore. I was only 11 years old, and i had killed 30 people. The people, rich and poor, took to nicknaming me “The Living Omen”. For no one was truly safe when they were my target, not even their loved ones. I was 20 years old when i decided to say goodbye to the Brotherhood of shadow. I wanted to leave because all my life i had seen nothing but death and tragedy, i believed that there was more to life than brutality and petty thievery. I wanted to find peace and escape from my past, I no longer wanted to be “The Living Omen”. However, Gambino didnt like the thought of one of his best members leaving. He put a bounty on me, anyone who brought me back alive to him, or anyone who brought my severed head to him would be rewarded 50 gold and silver pieces, the group that i once called family and the man i once looked up to like a father figure had all betrayed me. I was once again alone. I would later come across a group of adventurers on my travels, at first i was skepticle on why they would want me to join them. Perhaps they were after my bounty just like everyone else that ive encountered? But it turned out to be the opposite, for they didnt even know about my bounty nor did they seem to care about it when i told them about it. It has been a week now, and these adventurers have done more for me in a short span of time then Gambino and his goons ever had for several years. Once again i was happy, for this is the family ive been looking for. The love, compassion, and honesty they have shown me is something i wouldnt trade for the world. I vow to whatever god or goddess that is listening that i will protect my new family, even if it costs me my life! Anyone who harms them will feel my wrath!”


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