The Paraplegic Spec Ops Scientist

Brains and brawn combined.


I have tried DMing for my friends for a couple of times and they seem to enjoy it. We finally decided to order a set of dice so we can play with better rolls since we have been using dice apps from our smartphone. So we bought a set at the local Con. My friends wanted to have a one shot campaing to test out the dice so I quickly improvised a campaign while we were eating at the food court. 

We start with a veteran ranger hearing a strange monstrous sound. He finds the monster and follows it to the nearby town, where with the help of the locals, subdue the monster. My two other friends join in at this time as a human rogue and a dragonborn monk named Juswa. 

They eventually find that the monster is a mutated human. The rogue recognizes the runes on the monsters body belongs to her former boss. An outcasted scientist. The players track the scientist to a lair in the forest. The monk named Juswa brings the unconscious beast with him for the lols. 

After cracking the code and exploring the lair, the party sees a button inside a room. Juswa just rips the cord out. Suddenly the lights go off. Then my players heard a voice saying, "YOU CAME A LONG WAY TO DIE ADVENTURERS." Their entry point closes, trapping my players. Then they heard the same voice again, "YOU KNOW TOO MUCH ALREADY HUNTER AND JUSWA. I'M AFRAID YOU HAVE TO DIE." 

At this point my party Laughs histerically. A secret door opens. A shirtless man with a red bandana on his head sitting on a wheelchair comes out. I will start referring to him from this point on as Rambo Hawking. A mix of Stephen Hawking and Rambo. 

The party starts fighting. Unfortunately my players keep getting bad rolls while Rambo Hawking gets rolls above 17. Rambo Hawking drifts away in his wheelchair from my players long range attacks. The rogue chooses to use a tranquilizer dart to stop the doctor and hits. Unfortunately, Rambo Hawking laughs at the attack with his mechanical voice.

Rambo Hawking then draws his combat knife and charges at Juswa. Telling him, "YOU SHOULDN'T RELLY ON TECHNOLOGY JUSWA."  The monk then grapples with Rambo Hawking while his wheelchair deploys machine guns and shoots the ranger and rogue.

Rambo Hawking tries charging at the monk again. but this time, the ranger catches his wheelchair with his grappling hook and he falls out of his wheelchair and lands on top of the monk lying on the ground. With the help of the nanobots propping his body, Rambo Hawking tries stabbing Juswa while they were on the ground. Lifting, then dropping him to simulate the stab.

At this point, my players were laughing histerically while being extremely frustrated at their rolls and not finding weaknesses. (Did I mention that we were playing at the food court and there were countless people looking at us as we laugh out loud?) 

I then joked to my players that the wheelchair is wifi powered.

But after a few more rounds of hysterical laughs and frustating attempts to beat Rambo Hawking, I made the rogue do a perception check which made her see a white box with 4 green lights. One of them was blinking. I hinted at her that she may want to check it out. 

The rogue fires at the box, making rambo hawking scream in agony in his mechanical voice. Juswa then grabs the unconscious beast that he dragged from the village and throws him at the white box with lights. The wheelchair fires its machine guns at the beast in hopes of stopping it from hitting the box. And for the first time in the game, My rolls for Rambo Hawking finally sucked.

The box gets destroyed and Rambo Hawking screams as he and his wheelchair stop moving. The party then try to separate Rambo Hawking from his wheelchair but surprise, surprise. The wheelchair activates again. 

This time however, the rogue looks at the computer on the wheelchair. I hand my smartphone in real life to my player to show her the settings section with options such as wifi, bluetooth etc. and told her that is what she sees in the wheelchairs computer.

My players laugh out loud again as they turn off the data and switch my phone to airplane mode. Shutting down the wheelchair in-game. 

Out of frustration, my players dropped a rock on top of Rambo hawking and burn him. They hear his mechanical screams of agony slowly fade away from the wheelchair's speakers.

My players then save the other creatures trapped inside the scientists lair and declare that the mad scientist is dead.

Quick backstory about the main boss of the game. My friend who played Juswa, the dragonborn monk, and I had a talk a few years ago. He had a dream where Stephen Hawking says to him, "YOU KNOW TOO MUCH ALREADY." as he slowly approach with a knife.

I told him I had an idea where Stephen Hawking was like Rambo fighting in the jungles of Vietnam while still confined in a wheelchair.


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