The Party That Literally Changed The Entire World

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This is a continuation of "How My Friends' Characters Went Through The Whole Campaign While Using The Trenchcoat Method", so if you didn't read that first, you probably should.

After Jartrin told the party about a nearby guild, the players were not hesitant to head there now. As they entered the guild, they come across a lean man in a white and lime green tuxedo, complete with a tophat and a smiley mask. This man is Nigel, the owner and founder of the guild. Along with him is a board of various slips of paper with small descriptions of the missions.

Fast forward to after completing a couple missions. Tharthrum and Cliff's players have stopped playing due to unknown reasons, so the trenchcoat trio were down by one for the rest of campaign. When the party reached an icy mountain, they come across a Yuki-Ona who's dying due to the lack of blood consumption. After the Yuki-Ona died, the party came up with an idea: To open up a blood bank. However, this wouldn't be an ordinary blood bank.

After returning to the guild, the party decides to buy an empty warehouse just outside of town, and begin to work on their project. The first thing they needed to do was find monsters and extract a liter of their blood. Taking the place as leader of the party, Goreff decides to test each sample of the blood, since he had Dispel Magic and Lesser Restoration. Fast forward to the party defeating a young adult black dragon.

After deathing the dragon and taking a liter of its blood, Goreff injects some of the blood into his blood stream, and Goreff's player had to make a Con save against a DC of 10, or else he'd be very sick for a couple days. He succeeded, and got acid resistance as a result. The same process goes on for the other mosters they fight, some of them having unique results, like how Marilith's blood gave them an extra pair of arms.

Fast forward to the party reaching level 20. After figthing more monsters, and collecting their blood, the party has finally opened business, and since Goreff always took a sample of the blood from each monster, he was practically as powerful as any of the D&D gods. Finishing off the last session of the campaign, Goreff decided to kill all the demon and devil lords with a D&D version of the Holy Hand Grenade. Unfortunately, since Phil's patron was a fiend, Goreff decided to become his patron in return. The session ended off with a small epilouge that describes how the world became a place where all people have at least one special ability other than their own. Goreff made an army of simulacrums take his place running the shop with the trenchcoat duo, while remained in the underworld, observing the great accomplishment he and his comapnions made.


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