The players passing their tests with unusual solutions and clever ideas

This story is about 3 players in particular and their different solutions to a test that maybe should not have worked or were clever, I being one of those players.

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A little bit of background, we had just gotten involved as a form of secret organization that dealt with a threat that was constantly present to the world at the time and joining this organization meant we had to be tested in our skills and capabilities. However three players in particular myself included handled these tests in our chaotic or clever ways then the DM ever expected which made for an amazing time. Important things to mention before I start telling the story.

The three characters consist of a Fisch the Goliath Fighter and self proclaimed pirate king, Fisch’s best friend Greed the Red Tiefling Sorcerer with the urchin background, and  Torazar the Shining Star a Silver Dragonborn Bard with an interesting magical whistle.


The first test begins with Greeds test, this is my character for future reference. Greed was indeed a Sorcerer however due to his urchin background he ended up being more like a sorcerer rogue multiclass but without actually multiclassing. My test was to find my way to the end of a very small cave dungeon littered with guards without being caught. With some decent hiding spots provided for me to use and some good old luck of the dice my stealth checks were pretty decent and i was making my way through just fine, that was until I entered a large room with guards looking everywhere. I quickly noticed a table in the room with drinks and food quickly crawling under it for hiding, thinking of how I was going to get out of this situation I casted mage hand on a keg of ale and popping the cork causing it to spill out everywhere to draw one of the guards staring in the direction I wanted to go. This room had two tunnels one of them leading to the door but I had no idea which one was the right one so i chose a random path. After leading the guy over I stealthed my way over to a pile of hay and waited for the other guards to help the one struggling with the cask, when I noticed they weren’t actually going to help. I did something the DM was not expecting. Minor backstory in this organization they had a shop with tons of magical items that you could trade other magical items for, i ended up getting an item called a Quaal’s Feather Token. For those of you that don’t know this item has a predetermined item that when tossed transformed into that item and back, my token happened to be an entire anchor, this item was and still is the DMs bane of existence. So needing a quick way out with my path being watched I told my DM “I pull out the Anchor Token and chuck it to make a distraction.” He pauses completely thrown off by what i had just said “Are you serious?” he asked to which i replied “I mean, sure why not!” i start laughing to myself as the DM still thrown off tells me what happens. “You summon the anchor and with a very bright flash of light and an extremely loud crashing noise there is now an anchor out of nowhere next to this pile of hay.” We all start laughing until one of the guards starts shouting “OH MY GOD WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?!” This summoned all the guards into the same room which would now make it easier for me to travel the rest of the tunnels, with a seriously high sleight of hand I manage to revert the anchor back into its token form and sneak off into the path. As i now travel through the low role stealth checks would hit me, I stepped on a pressure plate that triggered a brief flash of red and an alarm sound and i wait but none of the guards showed up, i continued on and hit another pressure plate this time the alarm did not turn off but i could see the door in my sights, rushing to it the Dm informed me there was no lock or even a door handle confused by why not i realised i was running out of time and did the first thing that came to my head. “I back up and chuck the token at the door!” The Dm once again completely thrown off guard says “OH MY GOD GREED!” The token is tossed and once again becomes the anchor smashing down the door I am met with the overseers of my test in a room that was able to view the entire area looking at me in pure shock. “Did I pass?” Greed asks them to which they tell him “Didn’t you hear the warning sirens? This was the back way for the guards to enter through you weren’t even supposed to be back here!” pausing realising what just happened i say to them “But technically i escaped so i passed right?” to which the Dm informed me laughing I did technically pass the test.


The Second test would involve Greeds best friend Fisch the Goliath fighter, his test was to be one of constitution and will power. Put in a very tiny pit with cages on all sides he waited until they opened to reveal a dozen or so scorpions that started pouring from them, they began stinging him to which he had to make Con saves passing a majority of them constantly taking small amounts of poison damage. Starting to ust kill them he looked up and said “Is this all you got?” to the ones watching his test, to which their answer was to send an even bigger wave of them. As he kept killing more and more, refusing to go down something in him eventually snapped and he just began eating them and frantically smashing them with his fists and feet. This went on for a while as I could do nothing but stare in concern  and nervous laughter with my jaw practically on the floor. Soon after the test seers decided they had seen enough getting sick and even throwing up at Fisch’s display of refusing to go down and taking it a step farther then expected completing his test.


And finally the third test given to Torazar the Dragonborn bard, Torazar is more of the researcher in the party always with fun crazy ramblings about how magic works and how to defeat the great evil in the world so his test was a large complicated maze. This was to test his intellect, the overseers gave him the simple rule of leave the maze and you pass. Now Torazar has a magical whistle passed down in his family from generation to generation and how it works is he blows one note to set a point anywhere of his choosing, blowing the second note would teleport him and whoever is in contact with him straight back to the point the first note was blown. Now Torazar had set a point within the organization not to long ago and as soon as he entered the maze he got the details of the maze and asked out DM “So the only rule is i have to find a way out of the maze?” “Yes” even though this was an online game you could feel the players smirk creep on his face in realization. “I blow the whistle.” Confused for a moment before the DM then realizes what just happened. “Oh my god wait. I completely forgot about the whistle!” Torazar blows his whistle teleporting him back out to the point he last chose. “Did that count? Did I technically pass the test?” “I guess yeah you technically passed the test, good job!”


Moral of the story is even when you think you have everything planned out the players will more than likely derail everything and think outside the box and solve any problem in their own chaotic way. But these make for some of the best stories to tell.


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