The rail roading of Victrix squad


So after months of searching I finally found what I thought was a good group with consistent play time, turns out it was held by a power hungry I'm the dm so what I say goes.
To tell this story and show the event that happened I'm going to go session by session.

I should say that this campaign takes place in a Roman empire like setting, that this is a good alignment campaign and that we started with 6 players, a rogue, a bard, a fighter, a monk, a barbarian, and me the beast master ranger. We also start at lvl 3. We also use discord voice chat to play

Session one the saviors of riva- we travel to the city and are immediately taken by soldiers to a private room where we learn that our new monk friend is actually the long lost prodigal son of a noble family, we are then enlisted into a secret faction of the roma an elite team of black ops soldiers. We are sent to defend a smaller city from an unknown army, so we head to the city our monk falls in a well trying to get a key, and the minotaur barbarian gets his horns stuck trying to get him out. We talk with a wizard who gives us some clues and head to bed, at which we are woken up by horns that the city is under siege. We end up fighting 8 trolls and almost lose the monk and barbarian during the fight. We defeat them just in time for the legion to show up and assist with the rest of the army and head back to our main base end session one. I know nothing bad happens here its session 2 and on that shit happens. We reach lvl 5

Between sessions we lose the rogue and fighter one because of school issues the other I can't remember why, and were told to be on the look out for a unicorn. Also the monk accepts his prodigal son fate and an angel inhabits his body

Session 2 shopping?!?! – we are debriefed on our mission and meet our new party members, a noble blood cleric of tetragamatron(the God based off god), and a dragon born sorcerer with a demon parent. Session 2 develops into a shopping episode with the sorcerer wanting bugs to enlarge in battle, so we head to a curiosity shop to see what we can find. So the sorcerer gets a scorpion and we learn she also has a unicorn for sale at 400gp, nobody can afford her and I know this is the one we were told to watch for, so I go into debt to get her. Now this is the first shenanigan that happens that the dm should have stopped, and it's that we also found out that the shop owner had 2 baby black dragons a black and blue. And that the sorcerer and bard decide they want the black dragon, which starts a bidding war where the bard drove the price up on the sorcerer. And that's roughly were the session ends.

Between sessions we lose our bard because we learn he never wanted the black dragons and was just being a dick so he's removed from the campaign, and we find a new rogue that happens to be fro the dems other campaign that got cancelled during to time restraints. And our sorcerer has his race overhauled because there no evil things allowed.

Session 3 politics politics politics – we are given the choice between 2 Roma missions one political and the other fight a vampire lord, we chose the political mission and head out with our new party including my tiny unicorn and the baby black dragon, who continually insults her owner for being dumb, and find a note that says the drow have the weapons ready for pick up. So we get to the dwarf kingdom to deal with an agreement to let the roma pass through to the ocean on the other side of the mountain we talk to the king. Give him a note from our debter and proceed with the mission. Our cleric casts a spell on the advisor for more information and we head out to the gnomes kingdom to stop the war between the 2 races. We meet a goliath who was the rogues PC in the campaign he originally played and now an Npc. We talk and then continue to the gnomes, who apparently notice us even though I cast pass without trace and we passed our team stealth roll. We then meet our parties clerics mother who we learn is helping the gnomes fight the dwarves and that the drow are helping the dwarves fight the gnomes. Thanks to a letter the black dragon found after eating a drow messenger  that nobody rolled for the dragon just did things on it's own, speeding up the mission we head back k to the dwarf king and make him sign the deal with a little force and head back home . We stop to rest for a night and find a secret tunnel that my ranger jumped down causing the first death in the game, the party found me and 2 million GP at the bottom of the tunnel and the black dragon threw me into the dark dimension cause no one could carry me due to a race feat. The party got me black to the church and I was resurrected by tetragammatron himself ending session 3.

We text rp some out of game stuff to make up for down time in game before we head to the vampire lord. The cleric asks what it's like to meet god, I said I didn't know as I didn't see one. Which led to admitting my ranger didn't worship any gods and getting into it a bit with the cleric. After this the dm finds out and decides that well your sitting in the roma compound with the monk when you're suddenly transported to a white room, and standing before you sheathed in light is tetragammatron. We get into it cause I dont worship gods and he's can't deal with the fact that I won't worship him, so I make an agreement that I acknowledge he exists but wont worship him, control me telling the monk what happened and being summoned again only this time he's mad so he sends an angel to speak to me instead. Which devolves into a on arguement again and I convince him that i wont worship but I acknowledge he exists again. So myself and the dm get in an arguement about how apparently that any god would be pissed if you did what I did and that if I didn't make a decision by next session I was going to die.

Session 4 the vampire lords castle – we arrive at the castle by secret tunnel and enter through the basement and discover some ghosts and dispatch them quickly, we check the room and I find a chest filled with a potion of animal speaking, and a firebead necklace, a bag of holding and a few other things I can't remember. The next room we discover two vampire underlings at which I shot a firebead at and the rest of my party dispatched them. We then went up a anti magic set of stairs and our barbarian and monk opened the hatch leading to our next fight with vampires, and the session was cut short as the dm was sick and called the session.

We lose the new rogue between sessions and no ones not even the dm know why because he just vanished. We have a mid week short session to deal with the vampires and finish the previous one. We finish off the vampire underlings and are drawn into a trap forcing us to pick from the deck of many things. Our cleric draws the flames card but it makes her jealous of anyone who flirts with our monk, the barbarian draws ruin, the monk draws the key card and I draw the euryale card. Or that's what should have happened had he not just dolled the cards out and told us the results without us actually picking numbers or rolling. After drawing our cards we are released from the trap but our sorcerer disappears. So we move on hoping he's somewhere in the castle and find him in the next room with a man tied to a chair completely naked. Now he releases our friend and says he'll give us time to either run away or die. We decide to stay and fight and I crit to start the battle, now around round 2 or 3 the angel that lives in our monk decides to leave and hunt down the main vampire that it senses in the castle. So we quickly dispatch the man and move on to the next room where the angel is in battle with our target. So I decide to fire all the firebead at the vampire and without even rolling my attack misses and is blown back at the party knocking me out as I'm weak against fire. So the angel slaughters the vampire and the party heals me, then the castle is cleansed by the angel and becomes our new keep. We search the new keep for more treasure and I decide that i want to look around upstairs and separate from the party. I find a magic mirror that continually changes my race as I hold it, I hold it until I get my race back and drop the mirror which apparently forces a half change making me half tree nymph half summer fairy. When we go back to the roma base we see our clerics mother and she decides that our monk and the cleric should marry as she witnesses the cleric get jealous due to the curse. The dm says he wants this marriage to happen and none of the other players do yet he continues to push the subject saying it would be funny.

Between sessions the party tries to plan there departure from the roma so that the cleric and monk dont have to get married. The dm tells us this next chapter is going to be dark and all hope will seem lost, and that we are playing out a chapter of his novel.

Session 5 gladiators- we start the session with the cleric and monk being brought before the monks father as he prepares them for there marriage the following morning, but plans dont go his way when he learns the cleric is already married to a member of the legion(note this man did not exist before, he was made up to stop the dm from doing something that the players specifically said they didn't want and were not okay with). We discover that the husband and his legion squad were kidnapped from their posting and no one knows where they went. So off we go to find the clerics husband, on our way there we wake up in cages. No hints at something, to chance to fight it off and apparently whatever happened tops the fact my character which is homebrewed and okayed by the dm and can't be put to sleep. So we wake up in cages armour and weapons gone, which again apparently overwrites stuff he okayed before we started the game(we discussed my ranger attuning his bow into his body so he could summon it as he's a tree nymph). So we're forced into the arena with like 50 something opponents. I fae fireball them and wipe out 30, and the rest of the team helps clean up and we come out alive. We spend months in game time fighting and learn of our clerics husband and a few other friends we made in game. We fight a beholder which lasts 2 rounds, meet up with talias husband and legion, and find the roma rescue squad sent to originally find the missing legion. We then team up to fight a red dragon and battle last a round and a half cause there are the 5 of us, the four rescue members which are much higher than us, and 30 legion members. We get our stuff back and are released back into the world and head back to our keep ending the session.

Between sessions we find a new player, and the dm takes into account we are annoyed with how easy battle has been

Session 6 the fall of urobos – we officially meet our new rogue/bard and before we have the chance to really rp with her and learn anything we are sent on a mission to clear out some mines discovered near our keep. We make our way into the cave where our baby black dragon takes off ahead of us and after being burnt learns that there's a beholder in the cave with 4 eyes (3 being eye stalks) and is apparently immune to fire damage. The battle ensues and the new rogue makes a clutch move immobilizing the beholder so we can get behind it. I take a few Ray's before I can fly behind it o e of which is negated because I'm immune to charming. My companion isn't so lucky and gets disintegrated. And the barbarian and monk the charmed. The cleric stops the barbarians charming but can't get to the monk. The monk attacks our sorcerer and crits and this is were some more bullshit happens. So our sorcerer is new to dnd and doesnt quite fully understand what he can do, he's taken the lucky feat and doesn't know he can force rerolls on attack rolls to avoid crits. So I tell him and immediately get yelled at by the dm for meta gaming. We move on (though i am super pissed at getting in shit for helping a new player) our barbarian goes down and we finish off the beholder and end session. After session the barbarian player tells me he's decided to leave due to the hard rail roading and working from home due to covid.

Between sessions the dm informs us that the barbarian left, and that he himself will fill the roll(which even though I'm new have heard that this generally doesn't go well as they get power hungry and make up characters) playing our monks younger brother.

Session 7 a spelunking we wanted to go – we finally get some time to rp with the new player though not a lot before the dm introduces his pc. Who is an arrogant noble who makes rude comments to our rogue and calls us peasants. He pushes the sorcerer and rogue to push him and he runs off to slay the other beholders we have to fight on his own. He returns with the beholder body and leaves to fight a other one we chase after him and catch up just in time to see him finish another beholder. We clear out the two caves of their treasures reaching into the millions.  We go with him to fight the 3rd and more bullshit ensues, first he continues to make rude comments at the rogue so she fires a crossbow bolt at him and automatically misses, and he challenges myself and the rogue to a duel, where we learn that he's a 15th lvl Paladin and has an anti magic ring. We continue on and get into battle the dm hits the beholder and it instantly has half health and we skip rolling initiative and everybody except me attacks and when I bring it up the dm doesnt seem to understand and finishes the fight without me. And we end the session back in the keep.

Between sessions we get another player to replace our barbarian, a Paladin that's best friends the the dms PC and is just as rude as him. The rogue and I plan a prank for the new pc and are yelled at by the dm for no inter party pranks. That the empress will punish us we'll get lashing and lose permanent health for doing it. Now we talk to the new guy and inform him that it's not him but the PC that the dm told him to play. Things escalate as I decide to inform the dm that it would be a waste of the empresses time to punish people for pranks and such and so he gets mad changes the players character and threatens to stop the game as he's not happy with us. The rest of us text rp some stuff as he gives us a month in game down time before he throws his fist and doesn't talk for the rest of the week.

Session 8 shopping and a kidnapping – the session starts and the dm takes an rp moment from us as my character had a throne made for the rogue so that it may join all of ours. We meet our Paladin and decide before we go on our next mission that we need to get some shopping done. I lead us to the shop as I am looking for a ring of mind shielding(for some what nefarious purposes) the sorcerer takes over when the dm mentions animals and I try and nip the zoo talk in the butt. Unfortunately they dont have the ring but could have one made in a month, which is fine as I dont need it just yet anyways. The rogue and our sorcerer head to lunch as the rest of us decide to go clothes shopping. We meet the monks sister who runs the clothes store and the monk is given clothes that have bag of holdings pockets. The others get fancy clothes and I just watch as I was just going for no reason as my character only wears his armour and a kilt. We meet with the rogue and sorcerer and the rogue shows us the prisoner in the dungeon that she and my ranger had discussed. We learn of an attack against the empress and that the drow are planning war. The head back to the throne room and are met with a lady sent by the one who kidnapped us and sent us to the arena. We refuse to talk to her as she only want to talk to our monk and she leaves. The monk chases after and the lady and the rogue puts on her cloak of invisibility to follow only to be told that she is put to sleep(once again overwriting race traits of not being put to sleep) so we are informed that the lady who took us wants to speak to us about help stopping this war but will only give us the info if we participate in a champions tournament of the arena. We use the ring we were given to get to her and start to discuss what she wants, she says that If we wont fight then we are free to go and as soon as we try and leave she summons the guards and tries to imprison us again. We dispatch her guards in a round and the Paladin grapples her and the monk gives her a truth serum, she leads us to a tunnel in her room that will get us out and we escape back to a roma fort and the drow begin to attack in force, I toss her into the dark dimension and ee go back to the keep while the legion fights the war. We learn the the monk has been keeping secrets and knew what we were getting into and that they gave the drow means to fight above ground and that they thought of us as nothing more than pawns.

Between sessions myself and 2 other players the cleric and rogue discuss leaving, we rp the characters leaving in a glorious and badass fashion and inform the other players and dm we are leaving due to various reasons. The new guy decides to join us as he here's what's happened in the past and our newbie to dnd. Later that night the dm deletes the general chat and by morning the next day the server is shut down.

Now we as a party have decided to stay together and are currently working at finding a dm and working out schedules. I hope its clear as to why we left and if not feel free to ask any questions.


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