The Rebirth Algorithm book 2 part 2


Hey guys, first off, I'd like to apologize for my long absence, been a little busy as of late, second, I purposefully left this part short and will, hopefully if time allows it, post the next part soon. This is part 2 of book 2 in the Rebirth Algorithm story, if you have yet to read the other parts I do suggest taking the time to do so. 

The first book is uploaded already as it was written, this book however, has a few parts that are not exactly…. something that should be posted on here, so i have summarized a portion of it and explained key events. If you find the first book lacking, I apologize, it was a rough draft and I'm gonna post the final draft as soon as I finish it. 

For new commers, this book tells the story in the character's perspective. I wrote it as such so that you, the reader, could get a better grasp at how the characters felt and why the player made the decision they made. As always, please enjoy.

When we last left off, Cassandra had met her end by the hand of an assassin. Grall and Sakurako traversed through time using an archway similar to the one Grodak used. By using this archway, they were able to change the course of time, reviving Cassandra. 

As Grall and Sakurako left the magical archway, returning to the present day, they met with Cassandra who hovered in the air. At first the two thought she would welcome them with open hands but Grall got a strange feeling from her. Cassandra raised her hand and shot beams of light into the ground, causing the soil to turn in upon itself and create a massive wave of dirt, trees, and rock. 

Grall and Sakurako began to run for their lives but all around them, the ground rose in a massive wave. Grall knew the only way they would survive was to use the Shadow World, though he feared what it may do to Sakurako. He had yet to transport any one that wasn't already connected to the Shadow world before.

The ground was catching up to them fast. Grall bit his lip, he had no choice now. it could mean Sakurako's death if he took he to the Shadow World, however staying here would mean the same and Grall didn't fancy the idea of being buried alive. Grall reached down and picked Sakurako up, this was his last ditched effort to save her as he quickly called upon the Shadow World for aid and jumped through the passage way that was created.

As the path that led to the Shadow World closed, the ground caught up to them. Dirt and chuncks of wood pilferred the two as they landed. They were safe, and after pondering the problem, decided it would be best to seek Grodaks aid.

As Grall appeared in front of Grodak, a strange pyroniam had just finished the test, something created by Tyril, the original king of Whitewater, and now is emplacemented by Grodak to test others. Grall quickly stepped forward, interrupting the proceedings, and explained the situation. Grodak knew no one was strong enough to fight Cassandra and only a God could stand up to her powers. 

"If it's a God you want, brother," Grall said, his voice coated with anger at his brother's display of weakness, "then look no further, for I am the God of death."

This only caused Grodak to grow even more disheartened and sent the pyroniam in his place. As Grall and the pyroniam, Jaxale, left white water, flying on the back of his dragon counterpart, Dronde, Xierma came to Grodaks side.

"What is the matter, my love?" Xierma's long brown hair flowed down Grodaks chest as she hugged him from behind. "You would normally never leave such an important task to your brother."

"What am I to do when even the Gods come to me for help?" Grodaks voice echoed the sorrow he had long felt. "What am I to do when even a God cannot match the strength of an enemy?"

As they flew closer to Cassandra on the back of Dronde, Grall could feel a strange pull from the Shadow World. Grall recognized the feeling but refused to accept it, he is stronger than an altain. He is a God, the God of death and he will not allow someone who is a lesser force him to flee.

Lightning flashed above as thunder rumbled below, the sky lit up for a brief moment revealing Cassandra. She was hovering a mere few feet from them, taunting them to get closer. Grall tried to scream out, tried to alert Jaxale and Dronde, but his voice faltered and darkness overtook them.

Grall realized almost immediately what had happened. As they closed the distance to Cassandra, she struck. The Shadow World, sensing the danger its master was in, reached out and grabbed him before Cassandra's blade could reach. Grall quickly turned to look for Sakurako, who had traversed with them, and breathed a sigh of relief when he found her scared, but in good health. 

Grall's sigh of relief soon changed into a groan as Cassandra tore a hole into the Shadow World. The Shadow World, being a dimension, or plane of existence that existed separately from the material realm, was supposed to be impossible to breach. Imp had tried on occasions and found his skills lacking.

"Jaxale," Grall shouted over the storm that raged behind Cassandra, "take us down. We cannot fight her properly in the sky."

"Which way is down?" Jaxale asked, his sense of direction had been displaced by the Shadow World.

Grall pointed towards the ground and emphasized that they must hurry before Cassandra managed to pull herself all the way through the tear. As they landed on the ground, Grall leaped from Dronde's back, drawing Oathkeeper from its sheath.

"Sakurako," Grall kept his voice just above a whisper, loud enough for Sakurako, Jaxale, and Dronde to hear, but low enough Cassandra wouldn't be able to, "try to remind her who she is. Jaxale, Dronde, and I will distract her so that she won't harm you."

Jaxale looked to Dronde for a moment before speaking. "We will do what we can, however, I do not believe we will be able to last long against her."

"…. I hate to admit it, but I agree with you." Grall made sure to watch Cassandra as she forced herself through the tear. "I'm not sure if anyone would be able to."

As the words left Grall's lips, Cassandra burst through, her sword poised as she made a downward dive, her sword aimed for Sakurako. Grall grabbed Sakurako and pulled her out of danger, Cassandra landed in the spot Sakurako stood. Grall pushed Sakurako off to the side and attacked Cassandra.

It didn't take long for Cassandra to disarm Grall and throw him off to the side. Jaxale and Dronde charged in and fought Cassandra only to end up in the same situation. While Grall, Jaxale, and Dronde distracted Cassandra, Sakurako shouted at Cassandra to the best of her ability, trying desperately to bring Cassandra back to her senses.

Every time Grall was knocked down, he picked himself back up and attacked Cassandra. Grall's body was torn, cut, and bruised all over but he still fought on. Since Cassandra forced a tear into the Shadow World, Grall could not use most of his abilities the Shadow World provided, this included the Shadow World's healing capabilities.

Jaxale and Dronde was rendered unconscious after their second bout with the altain. The two would have normally proved a fearsome foe for any mortal, but against the black winged altain, they were children playing make believe. 

Grall pushed his body up, blood oozed out from beneath his tattered armor, quickly forming a puddle beneath him. On his right hand, he was missing two fingers and his left arm had been sent flying in the last bout. Pain, Grall's very existence, made itself known to him.

He wanted to give in, to let the pain take him. He wanted nothing more than to lie down and allow the darkness that crypt over him take his life, but he couldn't. He knew the Shadow World would just revive him if he died here, the thought of death taking him was such an amusing thought that Grall couldn't help but laugh.

Cassandra stood over Grall for a moment as he struggled to push himself up, to stand and fight once more. From the moment she found herself flying over the dead forest, she had a peculiar feeling. It was so much as a feeling, but the absence of it. She had a strange sense that all of her emotions, her dreams, her desires had been stripped of her. All that remained was a sense of dread that seemed to emanate from this orc.… and a sense of longing from the girl.

Grall's laughter reached Cassandra's ears causing her to flinch. Cassandra raised her sword and was ready to bring it down, ending the orc who stood before her. Her eyes shone with hatred and she brought her sword down…. A small pair of arms caused Cassandra to pause, the tip of the blade hung inches away from piercing the orc and pinning him to the ground.

"Cassandra," a small voice rasped, "never forget the ones you love, because I will never forget you."


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