The Rebirth Algorithm part 3.5

Memories of blood and murder floated to Gralls mind.

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Hello again, this is part 2 of chapter 3, if you have yet to read the other parts, I do advise you do so.

“Because,” Grall said turning to face the one who spoke, “your chieftain asked me to return and take upon the spy master duty.”

The old orc smiled, he was skinny, almost the size of a human, with grey hair and winkles covering his face along with a scar over his left eye. “Is that so?” He asked, dropping his smile and leaning closer digging the edge of the blade into Gralls neck. “Then welcome back, master.”

All the orcs lowered their weapons but didn’t put them away, Grall knew that they needed to make sure he wasn’t an enemy to the tribe before they let him carry on his duties. “So,” another orc, one Grall did not train, asked what the others wanted to ask, “what are your plans now that you are spy master once again.”

Grall smiled, it was just like the young to act in haste. “First,” Grall said walking past the orcs, “let’s head to the map room.”

“Map room?” One asked in bewilderment. “What for? We know the scar damn well and don’t need no map to tell us where to go.”

“Maybe your right,” Grall said as he started up the stairs, “but I am the spy master and I said meet me in the map room.” Grall paused on the stairs and turned to look at the orcs. “Oh, and gather the rest, it’s going to be a long night.”

The orcs looked to each other and nodded, a small motion that communicated a lot. Two of them took a few steps back disappearing into the shadows and the third stayed following Grall up the stairs to the map room. As Grall reached the map room he ran his hands fondly over the fixtures, most of which were given to him by the tribe’s villagers, before turning his gaze to the map that hung on the wall, showing all of the scar.

“Tonight, is going to be a very long night.” Grall said as he eyed where the other tribes were.

Two days later, Grall was in the middle of reading reports from his spy’s when Grodak suddenly burst into his office.

“What the hell did you do?” Grodak asked, the anger in his voice could not have been clearer. “I wanted to bring the other tribes under me peacefully not with fear and brute force.”

Grall looked up from his reports, as if just now noticing Grodaks presence. “Brute force?” Grall said feigning confusion. “Whatever do you mean, dear brother?”

Grodak gripped the edge of Gralls desk and hurled it across the room. “Don’t give me that bullshit, Grall.” Grodak screamed as he got into Gralls face. “You killed the Monarks chiefs’ favorite horse and left it in his bed, set fire to the Dampirings chiefs favorite barn, poisoned the kijores chief, and worst of all, you killed the Yoturbs tribes’ chief’s son.”

“The last two was actually done by each other, we just took the credit for it to instill fear into their hearts and make it easier for them to join the tribal alliance.” Grall said not looking away from his reports. “Brother, for you to gain this tribal alliance with little to no blood shed, we must employ a fear tactic. Make them afraid of us and show them that we can easily hurt them and those they love without them even knowing.”

Grodak let out a ferocious roar and punched the wall beside Gralls head, leaving a massive hole, then turned and headed to the door. “This is the coward’s way of doing things.” He said as he opened the door.

This, of all things, pissed Grall off the most. “Cowards way?” Grall asked standing up from his seat. “I do believe you did the same thing to me just days before when I refused to be the spy master.”

Grodak turned around looking at Grall. “This is different.”

“How so, brother?” Grall shouted, he could feel himself losing control of his anger. “Is it because you say it is? I am not your dog who will lay down and take your abuse when I did what was best for the tribe.”

“Did you know, brother, that three of those tribes were in an alliance and was getting ready to attack us.” Grodak looked to Grall in surprise. “We discovered their spy’s scattered around the tribal lands. Upon investigation we found that they were working together against us. We just saved the tribe from a war we might not have won….” Grall paused for a moment before speaking once again. “Or so I’d like to say. The tribe chief of Harsha, Fargon, believes you to be under the control of the necromancers. You have probably already gained his response to your message, am I right?”

Grodak stared at Grall intently, trying to figure out if he was lying or not. He then, without a word, turned around and left. Grall sank back into his seat and sighed. “He has muscles, I’ll give him that much, but his sense of honor has become clouded.”


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