The Rogue’s Epic Fall!

Sometimes things dont work out when you try to bring that dam mage down to earth!


The Blight a dark and morbid setting where the dead walk the street to pay off taxes they earned in life, the party are all convicts and was set free by a lady in black and tasked with finding out where her mole had gone within a mafia type family. our adventures lead us to battled with were-rats, prostitute ghouls and all sorts of morbid curiosities. At this point we are level 3 and our group was chasing down a mage who was hiding in a library. Myself a Half Orc variant called a Shadowlamper and a Rogue to boot, shadowlamper's are seen as an entire subrace of half orc and appear grey skinned, lean and more dex than str, the rest of the part were all a Human variant called Blighted -Human Warlock, Human Arcane Ranger, Human Cleric. Human Barbarian and a Human fighter. We attempted to storm the 3 story library but the mage began by cutting the chandelier loose nearly killing the fighter, 3 ghouls began marching down the walls to find us on the ground floor, during the fight the mage was pelting us with fire bolts, we finished the ghouls and at this point we decided to retreat and regroup.

The wizard thought, oh wait i didn't mention wizard before that's because when ever the ranger enters initiative he rolls and these a chance he splits into one of this multiple personalities. Lucky for us it was a wizard this time, anyway the wizard suggested a good idea to send me the rogue up invisible and spartan kick the mage off the balcony down 3 stories, but before that the cleric would obscure the mages vision with a fog cloud.

Once the plan was settled we began the assault the rest of the party waited 1 minutes or until they hear a scream, again sneaking up the stairs i made it to the top where the mage and 2 undead zombies were crossing over a gang plank across from another room to the room i was in, i was lucky one of the zombies failed his dex save to cross the plank and fell 3 stories the mage cursed and opened a door on the 3rd floor leading outside to which a plank could be placed to make her way over to another building, this was my chance! I waiting until she wasn't paying attention and positioning the plank, i tackled her straight out the door, i made the attack and the undead failed trying to make an attack of opportunity, GM asked for a dex save to see if i can land on top or bottom, i rolled a 14, o no but the mage rolled a 7, i took half damage the mage took full.

At this point the rest of the party was half in and half out of the library fighting the zombie that fell down, the GM asked for a perception check, the Barbarian nat20 the rest of the party no idea. At this point the i was lying on the mage and it was the zombies turn on the 3rd floor, GM rolled an intelligence check and he failed and decided to follow his master, as a rogue i have a high perception and noticed the falling undead and managed to take half damage from the falling undead. This tangled mess of rogue, mage and undead was great fun for the GM.

Now this is when the party began to realised and made there way around the corner to find us tangled together, the cleric and barbarian got a hit in before the mage could act, this is where it came to the mages turn who got up and misty stepped away. Now it was my turn i wasnt having any of this and as a rogue used my movement then bonus action and got within range with my bow and hit, she was still up. At this point the warlock hands the GM a note, more on that later. The GM knew he wasn't escaping and the mage was getting desperate. After this i had only 5 hp left and knew it was risky but my rogue was an ex-soldier of the watch framed for his bosses murder and wasn't letting this perp go! We came back around to the mage and she wasnt going to outrun this rogue and cast magic missile at 2nd level with a modifier of +1, the GM said this first roll will decided if you live or die, we all went silent…… he rolls in front of us all…. i knew i had a 75% chance of surviving……it lands on a 4! The party go silent as the GM describes each hit, 1 death save failed, 2, 3, you feel each impact and as you draw your last breath you look to the night sky and pass into darkness.

The mage escapes and the party is angry for blood! After the fight the party decide to burn the library and my rogue with it, at this point the GM hands a note back to the warlock and the warlock reads, she is hiding at the local rubbish dump, he had given his familiar a task to follow her, he says time to get revenge for our friend.

Hope you like this story, it was my first character death and i felt he died trying his best 🙂


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