The Rouge who was EXTREMELY lucky… or unlucky?

"The Begining"


At the beginning of the campaign, I was fairly new and didn't know what I was doing, we were doing a 5e on 'Roll20' for visual aspects. But we all started t level one, there were at least nine or ten people who were in the campaign, most sessions were only held with the main four to five people, the main character that would be in almost every session: Our Stone Goliath Barbarian – Wolf, the main antagonist: A paladin Warforged – Auger, the people following Auger – the fighter dwarf, the ranger centaur, On the side with Wolf, the fighter minotaur, and me the Dragonborn Rouge. Our party was split early on because one side believed the 'Blood Queen' was nice and misunderstood and the other side that she was pure evil.


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