The Shenanigans of a Druid and a Monk


We were on a homebrew one shot, i was a dragonborn druid who met a dwarf drunken monk and instantly became the total bros of the party. 

Our shenaningans started after we got shrinked to the size of a mini and my giant constrictor snake that i summoned with my staff of python got away since i was too little to guide it.

We fought shrinked elves with my turned into a goat and the drunken guy ridin me into battle and hitting our opponents, as well as discussing how to kill a dragon with a lemon pie.

Like i said TOTAL BROS. Anyway among our crazy stuff and ideas, like me buying a very expensive banana in the middle of the mountains as a weapon against giants, the moment when the fireballed a snake that was holding me before remembering i was the idiot with 4 bottles of oil on my backpack which obviously cracked leaving me with 1 HP even though i was resistani to fire.

The most epic moment was at the end when we found out that this shrinking humanoid thing was because of a miscalculation of a spell a sorceress made, the spell was on a focus that was on the nest of a bird which almost killed us before, located on a tree which we could see from the window of that sorceress tower.

After thinking it a little bit and being blunt as hell i asked the sorceress, "Excuse me but can i have 2 nails and a piece of your underwear?".

The sorceress looked at me confused and blushed and asked why do i need that.

I explained how mi plan was using her underwear and nails to make a sling in the window and shut us right into the nest avoiding the air advantage of our feathered enemy.

After getting the sling ready my bro tried to ask the sorceress to a date and i acted like his wingman, unfortunantely he rolled really low and she said it has a boyfriend, so it was a lost battle. Then i tried to ask the sorceress out, obviously asking my colleage first, i rolled a crit success and said to her "If your boyfriend loves you so much, how come he isnt near you? how come he isnt here on this time of need? If i was as lucky as that dumbass i could never leave you alone in this situation". She accepted my offer and then we got launched after debating about the angle of the sling.

There was only room for both me and the monk, and in middle air we got ready to crash against the focus and break it to be free of the spell, i multi-attacked as a black bear and the monk smashed it the most he could. But it wasnt enough, and for worse the brach was bending over our weight with the focused. Then almost like a miracle Brutus, the snake from my staff of python was climbing to reunite with me on the tree, so then i took a stance and i was willing to sacriface myself for my friend, i grabbed him with my jaw and throwed him over Brutus to save him as i felt…… But he misses the DEX SAVE to land and he slips from the snake!!!! As i was falling and i saw that i shouted him…. "SERIOUSLY DUDE?!?!".

In my last intent i turned into a spider and tried to grab him with my web, it didnt work and the DM described how the dwarf felt to the point of almost touching the ground…. and then turning back to his normal size at the last second.

Turns out the Crystal ball which was the focused felt first, so it broke before the dwarf could meet his demise.

With all solved the party went to get the payment for the job and i separated from them, i picked the sorceress, took a moose the wizard conjured with a magic item of his, and we both ride into the sunset to the date i promised her.

In resume, is amazing what a bunch of crazy ideas, a bit of BROHOOD, and good roleplaying can bring to the table and solve so much problems to this magnitudes. We live to make the story, and the story lives to make something of us, dont be afraid of doing those very effective shenanigans.


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