The story of Jerry

A story of how a half-orc barbarian used and unconscious cultus to defeat and to stop the cult leaders ritual

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Let me tell you a story about how about the half-orc barbarian named Kon and a  cultus name Jerry. kon he’s not the smartest person in the world he believes in strength and taking advantage of any opportunity that could help him with his goal even if the action is questionably morrow he and 14 others left the tribe the same day to all set out to prove themselves worthy leaders and warriors they must be out in the world from the tribe for seven years to do so so con after leaving the tribe enlisted in the military so we could prove his might as a warrior he served with the military for three years at the end of his tour he decided to explore the world around them one day he received a letter for a job to rescue the king's daughter that was captured by cultist there he met up with his adventuring party to undergo the task a Tfling sorcerer named Misyis. A wood elf ranger named Vanya and a dwarf fighter named Valnala. The party entered the crypt so that way they may rescue the princess they were met with an uneasy feeling the door fighter move towards the door knocked on the door the door fell over and there they came to face to face with their first enemy he cultus name Jerry. Jerry tried with all his might to defeat the party in combat but a critically failed head but by kon knocked him out . And by doing so alerting to other cultures of our presence once quickly dispatched by our sorceress. Kon decided that he cannot leave the unconscious cultus named Jerry there and decided to take him with him. Which led the Jerry tree to be used as our trap to tractor as we slid him down the hall naked because we took his gear. He loaded a couple of the undead to his presence and they slowly move towards him the party quickly dispatched of that undead. And to their surprise, Jerry survived. So we picked up jerry again and continued on their adventure where they came down and eatery hallway possibly full of traps not wanting to risk anybody getting killed and realizing Jerry was waking up they knocked him out again slid his body down the hallway finding out that there were no traps in the hallway just more undead. But this undead was more sentient the party talked with him and try to get him to come along with us but sadly the sorceress is wild magic accidentally set him on fire where he thanked us for setting him free. With the combined strength of the sorceress and the barbarian in hand, they threw Jerry add another cultist in a surprise attack and knock out another cultus. So now Kon The half-orc barbarian wielded to unconscious cultus as his weapons. The time came to face the cultus leader where the party had to go through a series of checks and enemies to defeat the cult leader. The barbarian went into a rage in Broke through the first barrier with ease  The rest of this party tried to keep up with the raging barbarian sadly a giant skeleton kept them back con decided to try and head but the next magical barrier to break it and got thrown back 20 feet.Kon knowing the time was running out to save the princess and to stop the ritual .he decided in the last effort attempt to disrupt the ritual by using all the strength he had in his body and throwing the unconscious cultist named Jerry at the cultus leader. with the role of a 19 with plus 4 strength Kon succeeded and knocked out and disrupted the cultist leaders ritual. they left that journey with Jerry the unconscious cultist in arm The cult leader plan ruined a giant skeleton companion and a slightly changed princess. And that is the story of Jerry unknowing helped the party to defeat the ritual which he tried so hard to defend


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