The Story of Stig Nigel, the Paladin who changed the Future.


This is a story about a character in a campaign that just finished after about two years. Stig is a character I created when I first started DND but his role was miner in what I made him for. So when this new campagin started I reinvented Stig, making him sort of a Goblin Slayer like character mainly in terms he never showed his face.

Before I get to the story you should know I never expected for this character to end up where he ended up but it makes me happy and just shows me that sometimes the least likely events can end up happening in this game

Stig in the campaign was a son born of two races of people Gershia and Stalder who hated each other so his childhood was rough growing up. His uncle a mercenary of a well known group took him in and raised him to be a member of the Dragon’s Claw. Here Stig found comradere and friendship for the first time and also became a faithful follower of the god Rook, a warrior god.

However tragedy struck as a rival Mercenary  group trapped and ambushed his faction of the Dragon’s Claw and slaughtered them, Stig had a chance to escape to safety but refused and fought despite the odds, this earned him Rook’s attention and he was saved from death.

After recovering Stig never removed his helmet, seeing himself as nothing more then a warrior, he also never stuck with a group for more then a job refusing to let himself feel the pain of loss again. That changed when he joined the party for there mission. A simple rescue mission changed to an epic adventure where undead raised and divine bings trying to invade the land.

During the journey to the Citidel they met the being who have the biggest impact on Stig, Kerass an undead warrior cursed to never die due to the axe he weilds, who longs to be free from his curse, he was workign with the goddess of the sea who hunt down several members of the party who angered her in exchange for that freedom. Seeing this tragic figure Stig vowed to free him from that curse.

When outside of time Stig continued to be more involved with the group he begins to see as friends, when they were outside of time he sees a visage of Kerass back when he was human and  was once a benelavant king of Stalder who took the axe to weild it’s power to protect his people. This fuelled Stig more to undo the curse.

After subdoing Kerass in a time displaced city and watching him fall into the void outside of time, the heores along with Stig were tasked by the revived Kronos, god of time to go into the past and prevent the fall of the Liskan empire, a race of people that explored portal technology and spanned an empire across the world, from the collector and sea goddess’ actions. On there journey to the closest city, the group came upon a blacksmith in the desert and in his collection Stig found the axe.

Wanting to know more on what Kerass went through, Stig picked up the axe and mentally it talked to him, constanlly wanting Stig to kill anyone and badmouthing him, it also tried to take over his mind but Stig resisted it a good while, during the journey to the empire Stig was barely getting any sleep as he couldn’t with it talking.

He eventually learned from a Lich who once was part of a society who worshipped the Collector that the axe was dangerous and Stig should get rid of it before he fully bonds with it. Stig knowing the dangers refused to activly weild it in battle anymore to slow down the effects.

But as the group faced avatars of the Sea Goddess in the Liskin portal room, Stig felt a pain in his mind, like a claw stabbing into him. The Axe was now mentally connected to him now but only a bit. Then came the final battle as Kerass appared again, warped and mishappened and completely corrupted, he no long wished to be free from the axe as he spent an eternaty falling in the void with nothing but the axe for company. Stig seeing he could no longer save him vowed to end his terror, removing his helmet and disgarding the axe, though it was still linked to him

During the fight, Kerass begin to warp and transform, he was always refered to as The God of Death but now he was actually becoming it. Eventually Kerass got really angered as when the Collector tried to enter, Kerass in rage attacked and went after him. The two biggest threats were now gone from the world.

But there was still a problem, Stig was still linked to the axe and it won’t be easy to remove as it was not only physically connected to him but also to his soul it was bonded with it, meaning he would eventually become another Kerass and with no one in the party able to provide any aid. Stig decided on the only course of action, was to stepped into the portal vortex after giving a tearful farewell to his friends.

Due to his sacrifice and his story spreading, Stig became a tale of insperation, his sacrifice and bravely earned his name being part of noble heroes and founded due to one member of Stig’s party beleiving him to be the Most powerful being in the universe (due to a random side effect of Stig’s sword) founded a small religion around Stig. This influence even changed the regions Stig was born from having been a warrior of two people who saved the world.

Stalder who at the time were still a small kingdom were inspired to live up to Stig name and became a nation of honor, Gershia meanwhile who were racist to all other races changed there ways and became more acceptiong of other races and people, much to the horror of another member of Stig’s party who was Gersian

But what is most important, is the tales of Stig reached the ears of a young king of Stalder, Kerass who was inspired but Stigs noble sacrifice and denial of power became a benelavant kind who did not seek the axe and would never become the God of Death.

As for Stig, he accepted his fate as the void he ended up in began to undo him into particles, but once again fate intervinced, as he was again saved by his god Rook, who said after removing his helmet and smiling ‘Do you think I would lose my most faithful servant that easily? Get up boy, there is work to be done’

Stig indeed got up and agreed to follow his lord as he walks with him and enters a divine city. Stig who started out as a modest child who went through a lot of suffering ended up becoming a miner god serving by his lord Rook’s side but between his duties adlibbed by me, Stig every so often looks down onto the mortal plane to keep an eye on the friends he made on his journey, just to ensure they are okay.


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