The Story Of The Lazy Dwarf

My first Role play as a dwarf Fighter. This dwarf will always be remembered as The Lazy Dwarf

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Back in the days of 3.5e I was introduced to dnd by my dad he was the DM at the time this story took place.  The story begins like any other entering a city durning TAX time gaurds where not alowing weapons in the city.  the party rouge who was my brother out of game was able to hide all his weapons. next was my dwarf fighters turn he could not hide his axe the axe was a gift from his father befor he passed so my dwarf was not to happy that humans took his axe. that evening he was drinking in the local tavern when he met the elf rouge the human mage who would form this party my brother the rouge as prevously metioned this human mage who was played by my dads girlfriends youngest son where already talking it up at there own table.  me being a smart dwarf noticed the elf was a rouge so i aproched him and asked if he managed to sneak a dagger into the city.  At first taken aback i then added I will give u 10 sp for one dagger after this he agreed.  the mage the rouge and the dwarf fighter to proud to admit he lost his axe an unlikely party but we agreed to quest together and share a room cause after we where adventures and 3 is better then 1 right anyway that night i tryed sneaking out of the bed room with my plate armor on.  the mage of corse noticed and followed me the rouge was drinking down in the tavern to wait for us.  fighter and a mage me with my dagger in hand that i paid 10sp for and my eyes fixed ahead of me at the gaurd house where all the weapons where kept.  I approch the gaurd post and knock on the door of corse there is a gaurd on the inside dagger in hand I shoved it through the crack at what i assumed was the hight ofthe gaurd i rolled crit the dagger pierced the neck of the gaurd who was on the other side of the door.  at this point I shoved the door open i may not be smart but im a Dwarf Fighter so of corse im able to get in no problem however if you see a box on the table not big enough for a axe but hey i didnt say i was smart the box was the alarm.  now on a clock I searched the pile of weapons on the floor first i found a hatchet a hand ax not my battle ax so i slip it in my belt search again find a quater staff at this point the mage raises the alarm that gaurds where comeing through the door. out the window we go right into two gaurds yup you got it after the scuffle with them the mage had gone down not wanting to wait around I sling the mage onto my shoulder and run.  Gaurds chaseing me mage on my shoulder hey look a rouge i know slinking into a ally way well trying to sneak but me again not that smarts yells hey rouge wait for me.  Corse now the rouge is spotted gaurds have us dead to rights we get out of the fight some how me and the rouge fended off 4 gaurds the dice gods where on our side there.  now that we are wanted into the city we have to leave and my battle axe was left behind a wile down the road we run into the 4th memember of the party a half orc healer of some class cant remember his class of corse.  after finding out he heading the same way we are we make camp now its time to learn about why he is known as the lazy  dewarf.  the final watch of the night was mine so of corse i get up out of  my tent cause yes i bought i tent cause of why not.  leaning up against a tree drinking  ale out of my stash yup you see where this is going i fall asleep.  at some point after i fell asleep goblins came apon our camp a small group only about 15 of them but we where all asleep.  i get woken up by a spear in the side and yell to wake up the party triping over my tent strings as i run to grab my hand Axe.  Rolling into the rouges mage tent effecticivly traping the rouge and mage in the tents as the rouge was in mine.  Que the check rolls rouge gets out easy mage struggled by the time I escape the tents it was me and the half orc left alive.  We all went down as in the comtion a patroll of gaurds found us to we all died.  They yell at me saying its all my fault as where my Dad broke from DM mode and said he rollplayed how his charcter would be.  Now me and my brother laugh about it and the lazy dwarf makes its way into my worlds in one way or another be him a ruler or the name of a tavren.  Older now I look back at that day and laugh but now as a DM myself I hope I will one day have a memory like that in my games.


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