The Story of the Three Brothers

This story takes place with a DMPC and 3 PCs in the party. The death that ended the Campaign early.

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Last story i submited I was a dwarf fighter its time we talk about my first time as DM in my own homebrewed Campaign.  At this point I had done numerous one offs and was asked to DM well creating a world my Brother the rouge form the last story wanted to play and so did a good friend of ours.  that made 3 pcs and i wanted it to be a 4 man party so i made a charcter to act as support and to kill off once the party had leveled enough.  So we rolled up charcters my brother made a Dragonborn rouge big supprise right i know. Our friend a Dragonborn Warden and then there was me a Dragonborn Warlord we rollplayed as brothers hence the three brothers. the forth man was a Dragonborn Barbarian and was picked for specile training by the warlord from the school of war in the dragonborn home city in my world.  At this point we have all met but we still start in a main city in a tavern why Because ale.   At the point of the story my world was in a war the War of the four kingdoms.  for refrance we where on the east there was the westren kingom the southren kingdom and the northern kingdom.  the king of our lands summond us saying we needed to clear out a keep so we go after buying gear of corse. Of corse the barbain being his first time bought the armor but didnt put it on for abit. It took the party 5 meetings of the campaign to make it through the keep. Where there brothers met there Great Great Grandpa who was in the head of a Gnome yes some freaky friday type stuff.  After a while of doing heroic deeds the find a way to sperate the Gnome and there Great Great Grandpa it was time that we kill off the warlord up to this point the party laughed and had fun but having him die to a assassin would be not epic enough.  After a long talk with my dad we came up with a dwarf who would lead them and also introduce the BBEG at the time they had been fighting lots of orcs and undead of corse.  this dwarf who was not memorable as he was a dark dwarf yes a evil dwarf leading the party to a Mythical object to save there Great Great Grandpa.  on the way they meet a tavern owner by the name of Jacoby Drexlehand he was not memorable to the party but he was the BBEG of this compaign as he was the vessle of Orcus.  After a few scraps with patrolls and other things they make it to the lost Dwarven kingdom.  As they fight through lots of smaller rooms getting treasures and all.  they go down a sprial stair case and find themselfs in a Dwarven Forge.  Finding a secret passage way they find a few gnomes with pets who attacked them they Dispatched them no problem now it was time for them to suffer the worst death ever at the time i didnt relize how it would effect the players.  they make a discorvery of a Necromancers lab outnumbered they  ran as at this time they could not hope to beat the horde of undead.  as they aproched the stairs my warlord knowing the undead would keep comeing and they would not escape told them to keep running nomater what. Halfway up the stairs he stood his ground to slow down the undead. not wanting to lose there brother and as for the barbain his teacher but having no choice as the warlord told  them to run and listining the brothers draged the barbairin out of the strong hold. The warlord holding strong slashing zombies and skeltons to the point he got to the final big boss of the horde a Skelton that explodes on his death and does Necrotic Damage.  Yelling none shall Pass the warlord took the Skelton head on as the skelton died he exploded and killed the warlord with Necrotic damage.  at this point this is not the end of the story as the brothers decend back down after a night of sleep at the Tavern near by they find there brother dead in the stair way all the acid and Necrotic damage to his body they carry him back to the Tavern where Jacoby Drexle hand informs them he can raise the dead.  the Barbain said yes do it but the brothers said no he would not want it as at this point they didnt know he was a necromancer not a reserecting cleric after a scuffle they settle on putting him in a hole here at the tavern and give him a Warriors Funeral.  After this the party then split off the brothers going home to tell there parrents and the Barbarin staying behind it ended the compaign there but not this story.  As from now on all of my Campaigns feature this story and it is a contionairy tail as in the background the Barbarin excepted jacobys offer and raised him at the cost of his own soul. what better way to warn my players then to tell them a story of how raise dead comes at a cost with orcus.


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