The Storyteller Bard

The tale of a bard who won the campaign with a story.

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This story tells about one of my favorite characters I’ve ever DM’ed for.

His name is Pliny Windseeker a fallen Asimar bard. He didn’t sing songs or paint, he simply told stories to cast his spells.

When he needed to give our barbarian a boost in strength for a difficult challenge he simply walked up and in his sly voice said.

“Did I ever tell you the story of the man who was as strong as an OX?”

Boom bulls strength!

This trait hit its peak toward the end of the campaign when he learned mass suggestion. We were breaking into the hall of his former brothers in arms. Asimar Warriors harden for battle by the war that was raging at the time.

“ come face justice for your desertion!” The captain called out in anger as the party ready for a big battle.

Pliny had other plans. He confidently strode up to the troop and said this immortal story.

“Let me tell you a story. A story about a prodigal son. He left his home to explore the world, shunned away by his brothers. On his return they saw him and bowed recognizing him as their king”

Mass suggestion at ninth level working mechanically  as “Bow to me I am your king now”.

Eight failed saves later and the troops bowed to the storyteller bard.

Pliny has told his story and now he had become his old comrades king.

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