The Suicide Siege

This happened in the first campaign my group and I ran together. We play DnD5e and sometimes bend the rules


 I was a half-elf wizard named Ara. We also had a human Sorcerer naned Cynthia, a human Barbarian named Brick, and a elf ranger whose name started with a V… At one point in the campaign we were tasked by the prince of Rathmor (the kingdom we were in) to root out cultists working to undermine the Kingdom's authority. We began the trek to the norther most city of Chillcrest. We had to cross some mountains, being ambushed by a white dragon along the way, but we made it to a village not far from Chillcrest and decided to rest. All the village's inhabitants were unresponsive, drooling, vegetables. We found that the pillows in each house were cursed with mind wipe, we spent some time  curing the residents and they told us they bought the pillows from a merchant, he said they were enchanted and would grant them sweet dreams. They also told use the merchant said he was heading to Chillcrest. So we made haste to the large northerb port! After checking in with the lord of Chillcrest we did some sluething and found the warehouse were the cult was keeping the cursed pillows. We raided the warehouse and found crates of mind wiping pillows, as well as the location of their base. The cult had taken up residence in an old castle built into a mountain outside of the city. The lord could not spare any troops to storm the castle and the regular army was too far away to respond. Not wanting to storm a castle with just us 4 we hateched a plan! Ara was able to cast unseen servant, and our DM had allowed the spell Permanence into the game. Ara first used this to make an unseen servant permanent, and we named him Chives. Ara and Cynthia decided to take this further and build a small force of exploding servants! We spent some time creating 1000 permanent servants, and we armed each with a cursed pillow and a vial of alechemists fire. Each servant was ordered to charge the castle and when it reached the castle to break the alchemists fire onto the pillow. (As a group we rule that if a magic item is destroyed it usually explodes violently, depending on how strong the magic in the item was would determine how easy it was to break) We sent waves of 200 servants at a time at the castle. The cultists tried to defend themselves but there were too many servants for the few dozen cultists to hold back. By the time we were out of servants the castle was reduced to a smoldering hold in the side of the mountain and we casually strolled into what remained of their base. When we found the last room the few remaining cultists had barricaded themselves in. We gave them a chance to come out peacefully, but they refused. Ara asked Brick and V to guard the door while she and Cythia made a few mote servants. We blew down the door and ordered 5 more servants to rush into the room. There was nothing left of the hold outs. We found a magic orb that held information on other cultist cells and set out of cull the kingdom. By the end of the campaign Ara would marry the prince of Rathmor and build a massive army of unseen soldiers. 


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