The Tale Of Professor Barbarian

My most recent campaign in a nut shell. I was the DM the barbarian and rouge where newish to the game and the druid played by a log time player. All names changed


As we start this storie let me say all members have apeared atleast once in my stories before the Barbarian in the story and Rouge have not played mutch dnd at this point.  The Druid been playing for over ten years.  We start this tale as the party enters a city to pay thier taxes as it was tax time in my world at the start.  They come across wanted posters for all three of them placed by a order of corrupt paladins.  There was a Aasimar Barbarian A Dragonborn Rouge And Elf Druid.  The Barbarian not being the smartest of group when asked his name gave the name on the wanted poster and prity much said me and my party members are on these posters.  As said gaurd walks them through the street to claim the bounty a assassin who had been tracking said gaurd took advantage of him being distracted to slay him.  This was all going to happen in the story later the guard being killed so was no problem to speed up my plans.  He goes to the rouge and says my leader wishes to speek with you as he was a memember of the thives guild in the town they where in and a man with a bounty might be worh quetioning.  after talking to the tieves guild and buying supplys they set off for there adventure the first location they search is a keep in the near by thundering mountains. Deep withing they find out they are all sons of a diety that had fallen to earth and a mortal however they can still die as they are not imortal like there diety parents.  The mythos of my world is that all but Tyr and Orcus have fallen to earth and been forgeten over the years the cult of Orcus working with the Paladins of the white hand to bring chaos in the war torn world.  From there not much fighting happened inside the cave they went to the near by fishing village where they heard there was evil inside the orphanage of the town. Inside there magic abilitys starting making strang things happen the doors teleporting them all over the place never the same place. Finding a hold crone in a room the barbarian and the rouge fighting it by the time the druid showed up. The Druid then misty steped to get behind the crone ended up in the piller instead sticking out like a mounted deer. At this the Rouge using his acid breath weapon slayed the crone that was a troll mage in disgues. Inside the town the people tossed them a party giving them a ship to sail they set off on the sea.  Getting boarded in the night they ended up in a arena on the isle of man.  The coven that ran it pitted party against party in a maze of death traps and monsters perfect way to see how they battle and solve problems I thought.  To this the barbarian then proceeded to roll nat 20s on all his investigation and perception rolls letting them easly solve the puzzles and avoid combat round one. Round 2 they breezed through again thanks to the rolls so much so.  That I added Professor barbarian merch into the world that where fake glasses. I sould mention it run like a game show it was  a fun few meets as we part from that story professor barbain solid in the mythos now.  They get kidnapped again this time by a band of Orcs the ones who killed the druids entire druid circle.  was the rouges turn to get a nat 20 to escape the cage and knock out the goblin gaurd who they then spent 20 minutes arguing what to do with him once they where all out of there cells.  Giving the goblin enough time to wake up and run away down the hall alerting the entire fort they where in now occupied by Orcs and Giants.  after a few minutes they run for it giants with balistas as cross bows missing them with almost every shot I say almost cause at this time they show up at stair case giants bellow and at there backs.  On the way down a bolt pierces the barbarian as the frantic dash contuies the tower itself crumbling as they run.  More Bolts hitting there mark knowing all the wile at the buttom there are more giants waiting for them. As they approch the buttom they hear the sound of singing as dwarfs humans dragonborn and elves attack the fort.  Barley escaping the party join the army who has withdrawn to tend to wounded at this time. As covid lockdowns happened I had to find out a way to end the story not with a BBE but somhing epic so as they rested the counter attacks happens the soul savior of the battle the druid who misty steped away to narrowly avoid death.  All and all they derailed my plans but was fun the moral of the story is.  Let them have fun if it would  be cool let them try doesnt mean make it easy but make the story epic. Stay  Kind game on and have fun most of all use the Rule Of Cool.



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