The tale of Zed, The Armor Ghost



I’m DMing a campaign for a few friends over discord, one of us could’nt make it this week, so we decided that i’d take them on a little side quest while the other person is away. Lots of homebrew content in this game. The party for this story consists of a Living armor wild magic sorcerer, a Human draconic origin sorcerer, and an Illyrian war domain cleric. The party is sent by the leader of a small farming community after a band of goblins, shortly after saving said community from a bandit onslaught. The leader did’nt have much to offer the party in way of reward, because recently goblins came under the cover of night, making off with many of the locals valuables. The party track down the cave that the goblins are residing in, and see two goblins standing guard at the entrance. The human tries to talk to the goblins, In elvish. Rolls a 19 for deception. So the goblin responds “What? Talk normal!” in common. The human asks the goblins to stand aside, so they can reclaim the valuables. Roll intimidation. 4. Goblin refuses, and the Cleric proceeds to cast Spiritual Weapon. Hits, Roll damage. max damage, dead goblin. The second goblin shrieks “AHHHH! SWORD GHOST!!” and begs for his life, in exchange for leading the party into the cave and pointing out where the loot is. They come to a room, 8 goblins + a hobgoblin warlord. The cleric casts Thaumaturgy on the Living armor sorcerer, and the sorcerer runs in and casts ray of sickness, while yelling “Meet your end!” Roll intimidation. 19. The goblins all shriek “AHHHH!!! ARMOR GHOST!!!” and flee to different ends of the room, only the warlord is unfazed, combat ensues. Several turns, and some pretty impressive rolls later, the warlord is vanquished. All the goblins in the room try to run past the party who just annihilated their leader, only for the living armor who is still under the effects of thaumaturgy to yell “Stop where you stand!” the goblins all stop, and the goblin who led the party down, named Skag, was made the new leader. As the party collected their hard fought winnings, the living armor left some gold behind for the goblins so they could begin trade with the nearby farm, instead of fighting and stealing from them. Skag and the other goblins all shouted “GLORY TO THE ARMOR GHOST!!!” And the party went back to the village, only to give the gold back to the poor villagers that lost it. I was pretty impressed with their creativity in the situation tbh.


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