The Third Level Deity

The level three rogue ascends to deitism seventeen levels early.


Our party consisted of a High Elf Wizard, Ulan, two human fighters, Lewis and Salazar, a dwarf cleric, Faragrim, and the halfling rogue, Sicarius.  I was the DM.  

We were a first time party with a first time DM and first level characters doing the famous Lost Mine of Phandelver.

The party got along well and never had any problems, but the rogue was consistently bugging me, the DM.  Not because he did anything wrong, but because he kept doing things I had never considered.

He avoided the entire dungeon of criminals by taking the head of their leader and converting them all to work under him.  He proposed the idea that when the party cleared the castle of goblins, they should take it over and begin a worldwide empire. His crowning achievement was becoming a deity at level three.

We were a good ways into the story and the party decided to investigate rumors of a nearby dragon.  They began trekking to the list city of Thundertree.

There, the party encountered a group of dragon cultists, a religious sect that wanted Venomfang, the dragon, to stay forever. The party said no.  We all rolled initiative. 

The battle didn't last very long, but the party managed to kill the cultists' leader.  The rest of the cultists turned tail after that.

The party decided to attempt to sneak after them when Sicarius pointed out tgat they had some very good looking cultist robes.  Turns out, one of the party, Lewis, spoke Draconic, the language of dragons, so he put on the robes and decided to walk right up to the tower where the cultists had been seen running off to.  Then Sicarius had another great idea.

"Tie me up and take me along as your prisoner!  It'll add effect to your lie that you escaped our custody."

Lewis agreed, so he tied up the halfling and began the march to the tower.  The rest of the party opted to stay behind as their heavy armor would just get in the way.  The player playing Ulan had to bail, so we kept running with out him.

Once the pair reached the tower, they walked right in and saw three cultists standing in arrow head formation. 

"Fevric," one of them called in Draconic. "Is that you?"

"Yes, it is I.  Fevric." Lewis responded. 

At this point, Sicarius interrupted. 

"If we're going to talk, let's talk in a tounge we all speak.  Not tge language of worms!"

At this insult, a young green dragon dropped down from the ceiling, two feet away from the halfling. 

"Now the beast shows itself!  Now that someone decided to address the stupidity of the way it talks!"  Sicarius mouthed off.

The dragon introduced himself as Venomfang and gave Sicarius one chance take back his comments, and he might live.

"You're right, I'm sorry. You're not a beast or a worm.

You're a dog, trained to protect your wimpy himan masters."

At this point, all the other players and I were looking at this one player, who dared insult a dragon while tied up, half its level, and wearing leather armor.

Venomfang told Lewis to stand behind him.  Lewis gladly excused himself. 

"What, we're going to fight?  My arms are tied behind my back.  Are you going to free them or are you too scared I'll beat you anyway?"

The dragon reached forward its claw and cut the ropes with a single cut.  The halfling rubbed his wrists, then stood proud. Until the dragon breathed its poison gas all over the halfling. 

Now jump to the rest of the party, the other two had gotten bored and decided to attempt to sneak up to the tower.  They succeeded and teached the tower just as Venomfang blew its gas.

I rolled the total damage.  He succeeded his Con save, so half damage. 24.

I asked what his hit point maximum was.  25.

He was left at one hit point and critically poisoned. Our cleric, just outside the door, cast Cure Wounds. He rolled a nat 20.  I said that because of that, he was cured of the poison as well as health. 

Sicarius rose up from the floor and began to speak to the dragon.

"You insignificant insect!" On the word insect, the cleric cast Thaumaturgy and caused the ground to tremble at Sicarius's every word.

"I am Ziliac, deity of this land, and you are nothing.  Depart, or face my wrath."

I told the player to make a Deception check with disadvantage.  Two nat 20s.

I described as the dragon flew away, terrified out of its wits.

I, as the DM, could not believe that that had just worked.  I also thought that that would be the end of the entire Ziliac thing.

No, the criminals he had recruited became his devout followers.  Sections of the castle became his temple! People as far as the Eastern Coast began worshipping Ziliac, the Bane of Dragons and Protector of the Land. All before he reached level five.


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