The ties that bind

How I raised and trained a child in the nine hells

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The party has been tasked with putting an end to the invasion of Hells demons by defeating the four Lords of Hell. The mainstay characters consists of a half-orc ranger, a dragonborn rogue, a cat shifter, and myself the human Blood Hunter named Markus Belmont. Since I knew that we would fight nothing but demons, and I wanted to make an OC Belmont from Castlevania, I made a custom whip that did 1d10 radiant damage along with it's normal d4 slashing damage. I also took Ghostslayer as my subclass and yes I asked the GM and she allowed it. When we got to the first level of hell, we found a dead body that had been torn apart outside of the first dungeon. After a good fight with lesser demons, we were pumped up and ready for another fight but we weren't prepared for what we saw in the next room. Instead of enemies we found a four-year-old tiefling boy all alone. The boy said his name was Thorn and that his father had left him there. Not wanting to leave him there I decided that I was going to look after him until we found someone to take care of the child. The only strange thing about him was that he looked a bit like me. Once we got through the dungeon we then came upon Satan's Castle then Thorn said that Satan was his grandfather. With this knowledge, I decided to make a deal with the devil. Once we were inside, the party was actually surprised to learn that Satan had nothing to do with the invasion and offered us weapons in exchange for raising this child who wasn't his actual grandson. Having grown attached to Thorn I decided to take on the responsibility. We soon found out that here in hell you age a year a day and it became a race against time. After a few sessions, our rogue beat Lucifer in s game of Blackjack and as a reward Lucifer pulled his forces out out the mortal plane. As we continued fighting more demons Thorne eventually got old enough for me to train him as a Blood Hunter. So whenever we weren't fighting demons I was training Thorn. Eventually I got a call on my communication scroll from my wife Julie and I told her everything. She was a bit mad but eventually she got used to the idea. In one of our fights we had to deal with an animated armor, a maw demon and a chain devil. With a critical success I instantly kill the maw demon and the chain devil then the animated armor almost killed my son. On my next turn, with fury in my eyes, I made my attack snd the dice gods were on my side as I got my third crit and destroyed the armor. The ranger, who then multi-classed as a druid, healed thorn and then thorn said he was sorry for getting injured. See throughout our journey, I've tried to act as his mentor as well as his father which in itself was more difficult than I thought. After attending the rogues wedding, we learned that the last Lord had mysteriously died. I then asked his spouses father Hades to get the mcguffin for us in exchange for a favor down the line but instead he did it for free. The last training session I had with Thorn resulted in him loosing his leg and doctors had to replace in with a stone warforged leg. This angered me in real life because I knew what his health was and 14 damage would only be big gash in the arm not the loss of a limb. I tried arguing with the the DM but she wouldn't listen. Once Thorn was on his way to recovery a nurse flirted with the shifter and years later they too got married. Once we got back, Thorn turned into a half-elf to which the DM told me was his original form before he died and went to hell. I took him to the Belmont Castle where he met his mother and she told me she was pregnant to which both Markus and I promtly turned white. Several in-game years and I spent time raising a family but sure enough an ancient enemy would appear in the second chapter of this campaign.


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