The Time I Double Teleported Onto a Dragon’s Back

My wizard looked up and found herself in the air, looking at the dragon. She cast Misty Step, teleporting again onto the dragon's back. The dragon flew after the...

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Our party was crawling through an ancient temple overrun with undead, looking for a necromancer who was attacking a nearby town. Accompanying us was a silver dragon taking the form of an elven wizard, a DMPC that was acting as the protector of that town. My character, a blue warforged conjuration wizard, had recently leveled up to level six, so I was itching to try out my new spells and subclass feature. At one point I wiped out a group of skeletons on the first turn with Tidal Wave, which was pretty awesome. 

After a few more skeletons and a puzzle that I may or may not have grossly overthought, we reached an open-air courtyard. We were greeted with the necromancer we were supposed to fight and a blue dracolich. One of my party members, a warforged warcaster, tried to catch the necromancer monologueing with a Booming Blade. The necromancer Counterspelled, but the DM let me use the distraction to cast what was quickly becoming one of my signature spells, Slow. I… spent most of the ensuing fight hiding behind my party members, trying not to get hit so that my concentration wouldn’t be broken, and occasionally throwing acid at the necromancer. 

Midway through the fight, the dracolich taunted the silver dragon in draconic (which my character knew), took flight, and shot lightning at her. An idea formed in my head when I looked at my character sheet and remembered that I had Tasha’s Hideous Laughter prepared and had yet to use any of my first-level spell slots. I offered to try to help take down the dracolich, but the silver dragon told me to deal with the necromancer first and flew after the dracolich. Our party ganged up on the necromancer, who as a result was not long for this world. 

After the necromancer was dealt with, I yelled up to the dragon that if she flew just a bit lower I could get up to her and help her take down the now-fleeing dracolich. The silver dragon heard me and lowered herself, ending up about fifty feet above me. Now, sure, I could’ve just used Thunder Step, which has a really long range, with my last spell slot and just teleported up to the dragon without her having to get lower, but I wanted to save that just in case and I had another idea. Starting at sixth level, conjuration wizards gain an ability called Benign Transposition, which lets them teleport thirty feet as an action and recharges its use every time they cast a conjuration spell. And most importantly for this story, it’s not a spell, so I could also cast any spell with a casting time of one bonus action. My wizard looked up and found herself in the air, looking at the dragon. She cast Misty Step, teleporting again onto the dragon’s back. The dragon flew after the fleeing dracolich, now with me on her back. 

I… never actually got to use my Hideous Laughter plan, due to the dracolich provoking opportunity attacks from the both of us, but it was still the most awesome thing I have ever done in D&D!


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