The time I had to save the whole party

Sometimes splitting from the party works


So my group were playing hoard of the dragon queen and were tasked in hunting the wyrm speaker resmir and hindering the cults plans to bring back tiamat, and as the great stealthy group we were our plan was to just walk into the castle and start a fight…. so things very quickly got out of control, rocks were flying everywhere, knocking two of our party down by giants, and even with us opening the stables to two hungry wyverns who at least slowed the enemies now pouring into the court yard, things were now looking good.

With my character the elven ranger and rogue fleeing for our lives we both ran for the exit knowing we would not survive, the rogue ran straight past the giant stone giant standing at the entrance forgetting to use the password we were given earlier on, this caused the giant to come to life, striking down on her taking her out, it was just me, i was the last man standing, so i did the only thing i could do i just kept running for my life ensuring i used the password running threw the gate so i didnt meet a similar state, moving round to the side and hiding in a high up cave.

This is where things got interesting, my dm used this time to end that session for the rest of the party who were informed they were captured by the cult and now locked away, feeling safe i started to rest a bit in the cave to lick my wounds and make some sort of the plan, me and the dm had our own private session to tie up what i did at this point. 

Feeling safe in the cave i took a long rest which for an elf is a few hours, only to find myself being ambushed by two giant spiders, i made short work of them, After a bit of investigation in the cave i soon realised i was squatting in a their nest, a couple guards from the cult could be found webbed up and drained of life, thats where my plan came to fluation, i took the clothing from the guard and changed him into my own as no one had got a good look at me no one would tell it wasn't me. 

Now with my decoy i set my eyes at the castle dragging it behind me, entering the castle two cultist approached me asking what i was doing, and this is where i taught my dm the best way to get advantage on deception checks, i told the guards, "Found this scum near a cave round the edge of the castle hes wearing the same clothes as one of the guys who let the wyverns earlier, think the spiders got to him first", because of this i didnt get asked to roll a deception check, as everything i said to them was word for word the truth, and the evidence would give them a disadvantage on a check anyway, so on i went to find the leader resmir, to gain her trust, as i entered her room, she sat there writing calling me in i showed her the body explaining again like i did the guards word for word, again no deception check needed as was no deception was in place, resmir thanked me and asked my name, told her my name was sobek, and then i was asked to roll nat 20, with that role even my character wasn't sure if he was lying or not.

Then came the real the test, i needed to get resmir to trust me enough to give the location, but before i could say anything she asked about the shield on my back, this shield was very clearly magic, so i did the only thing I could do i lied again without saying a single lie, i told her, "it was owned by the guy who tried to infiltrate the castle, thought it would be good held in combat to have a shield in combat, but happy to put it with the rest of the prisoners things." she then asked me to take it to the red wizard and see if it has any special qualities, and throw the body to the wyverns. I nodded and made the symbol for the cult we learned, and using my draconic speaking ring, said hail tiamet, impressed, resmir complimented my use of the proper tongue, i then went on my way to dump the body and see the red wizard. 

Meeting him i relayed what resmir said about seeing what properties the shield had, he told me it has the magically properties to increase ones perception, and make then more alert, thanking him for the information i already knew i went back the black dragon born, and explained what i was told, she then rewarded me for my work by letting me keep my shield, i thanked her again in draconic, showing her i had learned the tongue, impressed again, and with a good charisma check, she seemed to take a liking to me, i then asked her for a favour, i wanted to be the one to interrogate the prisoners, and get infomation out of them, she agreed to my terms, told me where to put the dead mans things(my things) and what house i need to go to writing a letter confirming she wanted me to interrogate the prisoners.

I went on my way to the stables in the town below and even finding where my companions things were being kept. heading to the house i entered and was then instructed to meet the commander who after me showing the letter of approval showed me where the prisoners were kept, seeing my companions i was over joyed i had successfully blagged my way into the good books with the big bad, and eventually start to move up the ranks, after pretending to interogate my friends, and giving info on what our groups done, i was promoted, and with a bit of magic to make them appear dead by our druid, i got the cultist to move my companions to the back to Bury, who didnt mind me offering to dig graves on my own, even bad guys like slacking off, and that is how i rescued my party, a bit of lieing without telling a single lie(appart from my name) and getting by on some draconic charm on the final boss


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