The time my cavalier ascended to his deities court as a paladin


I was about 15 at the time that this story takes place. My father and my DM idol had gathered around 6 people for a huge campaign that in turn lasted 2.5 years roughly. some of the players had even made two characters (myself included). i had a wood elf ranger and a human cavalier. my wood elf is my pride and joy that i have used in over 20+ campaigns. my cavalier was only made cuz no one had a main tank character. inatead they thought that the cuter their character was the better. so in the end our party looked like this…. 1 wood elf, 1 human cavalier, 2 fairy dragons, 1 human female cleric that turns into a bugbear at will (the only ugly one), 3 gnomes rouges and 2 wizards. The players often would fight amongst themselves amidst encounters or other vital times and often coated us valuable information. one of the fairy dragons even stole the kings crown to the king that we was working for. that ended us in the dungeon for two whole sessions just to try and escape. needless to say our party was doomed to fail. Fortunately my father gave me a chance to save the campaign. the mission was this, stop draconians from invading the kingdom and find out where they came from. After a long year of near deaths, abductions by dragons, and a few party members being melted by acid,  we finally found a wizard with an orb of ancient dragon control. we found him in a huge mountin cave with an ancient red dragon. this fight took 2 sessions and took the lives of 3 characters, leaving us with less then half our party which now consisted of my wood elf ranger, human caviler, a fairy dragon and the human claric/bugbear mix. after we looted the wizard and other loot in the cave, we head to go back to the kingdom only to walk right up to an army of 30 orcs 20 goblins and 12 fire giants behind them. the plan was to have the caviler charge and split the army and go from there. that was until my cavilers deity, athena, came down from the heavens to watch this fight. my caviler had no choice at that point but to show his worth. the caviler pulled his charge halfway and swerved to charge the fire giant in the rear of the enemy army. my rolls couldnt have helped me more. after rolling a natural 20 on my charge then followed by another confirmed nat 20 on my attack, the caviler impaled the first fire giant into the second as my caviler jumped from his horse and using a minor action to pull his bastard sword, cleaving a third fire giant in half. from this stunt my caviler had the full attention of the orcs and goblins. about half ran in fear from the caviler who stood next to 3 fire giant corpses and 9 more staring down at him. the cleric/bugbear took care of the last handful of orcs while my ranger and the fairy dragon finiahed the goblins. my caviler however had a long and brutal fight as he alone took on the fire giants. he won in the end but he suffered from fatal injuries. as he laid in thw middle of the battlefield choking on his last breath, athena walked to him from a ridge where she sat. “you have given me a show i will never forget. “Rise as my champion. you shall be my sword in this world of evil.” taking my cavilers hand, athena then took him to mount Olympus where he sits next to her as loyal guard and high paladin of all Olympus.



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