The time our DM had to save us from our bad decisions pt2

I accidentally published the 1st half before I finished writing, so I'm just going to get right back into it. Make sure to read the first part before you read this.

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We were about to descend into the cellar when from out of the darkness came an ear-piercing, inhuman scream (outside the game, our DM actually screamed outloud, it was hilarious, and I’ll never let him forget it, even though he tries to). We stopped dead in our tracks, looked at each other, said “Nope”, and threw a torch down into the basement, hoping to catch something on fire and burn the place down. We then barricaded the cellar door shut, so whatever was down there could escape the now building fire (after the session our DM told us that the scream came from a ghost of one of the townsfolk, who was going to be friendly towards us and give us quest important information, so whoops). It was only then, that we realized we didn’t do the one thing we entered the house for, finding information. So we set off to loot as much as we can before the house burns down around us. We find some gold, a magic shield, and a few mine reports, but nothing that really tells us anything about how the town came to be abandoned. At this point, we were on the second floor and the entirety of the first floor was on fire. The drow and the halfling manage to jump out the window with relative ease. However, my acrobatics were terrible, and I didn’t trust myself to land safely, so i decided to try and run through the fire and out the front door. I actually took surprisingly little damage from this stunt. It was getting pretty late at this point, and neither me nor the drow were doing too well after the fight with the owl bear, so we decided to bed down for the night and check out the mine in the morning. The next morning we approach the mine with Grinka in tow (who, so far, has spent most of the combat hiding behind the drow’s legs), because the drow just couldn’t leave him behind. As the descent begins, we notice huge claw marks and blast marks that look to have come from lightning along the mine walls. We eventually enter a large cavern, and something drops from the ceiling. My character recognizes it as a hooked horror and the battle begins. However, not far into the battle, something else snakes its way down from the cave roof. A long, blue, multi-legged lizard that had electricity crackling around it’s maw, a behir. But, it was young, almost juvenile (or, you know, a behir that our DM nerfed into a fightable state for us). So, now we where fighting a hooked horror and a baby behir, it was not looking good for us. Luckily, it seemed like the two monsters weren’t friends, and were fighting each other as well as us. Not wanting to get caught in the middle of this, we back away from them and let this Kaiju battle rage on, only taking pot shots at either of them when we have the opportunity (which included setting them on fire with a makeshift moltov). Eventually the behir manages to finish off the hooked horror and turns its attention to us. Though it obviously wasn’t in a good state after it’s other battle, So we manage to dispatch it fairly quickly after that. As we exit the mine, a little cocky due to the fact we took down a behir, we discuss the future of this town. The halfling brings up that while we technically completed the objective of the job, Nils probably doesn’t want the kobolds there and might pay extra to get rid of them for him. None of us had any real moral objections, so we agreed. However, we forgot that Grinka was standing right next to us and just overheard our entire conversation. Grinka is a little taken aback because these people that he was starting to look up to are casually talking about killing everyone he knows. Grinka begins to run towards the tavern, so he can warn his kin. We just sort of let him, because we can’t really stop him since the drow would be angry if we killed him. So we kind of slowly saunter over to the tavern and prepare for battle. What followed was a series of extremely bad decisions. We decided that it would be best is someone entered the tavern from the back door, so the kobolds would be fighting a war on 2 fronts, which is kind of a sound strategy, until it was decided that I, the tank, would be the one flanking them. More stupid decisions occurred with the drow barging in through the front door before I could even get into position, and running into the middle of the room, only to be surrounded by kobolds. I was still closer to the front door then the back, so i rush back to my teammates to try and help them. However, it was all for naught, as the kobolds quickly gang up on us and manage to knock us all unconscious before we can kill even one of them. Since none of us had actually died yet, our DM decided to give us a second chance as we all wake up, tied together, and with kobolds rushing around to collect wood for a bon fire with the intent to cook and eat us. And that’s where the session ended, and the rest of this story doesn’t occur until over a real life year later. You see our DM had 2 groups he was DMing for, and these groups are set in the same world at the same time, so he had the idea to have an infinity war style crossover, and have them save our butts. However, our group is a bunch of his friends from highschool while the other group he formed at his college. The problem is I go to college out of state, so whenever I’m home to play D&D with them, a lot of the people in his other group went home for the summer or the holidays. This story only gets a conclusion, because our DM decided to try and do this while I’m out of state, and have me come in online, over discord. I was fine with this, but we ran into a problem when the audio for me would repeatedly cut out, causing me to miss about 1/3 to 1/2 of what was said. So, my telling of the rest of this story may be somewhat lacking. Anyways, I digress, lets finish this story. While the events in the mining town were taking place, another adventuring party was passing near by. They have no idea of the events that are transpiring not far from their current position, until one of them has a dream. The one in question is a druid, who unlike most druids, worships a god, Merlot, which is the common name of the same nature god my character worships, though he knows her by her elvish name, Myrin (and yes, in the canon of this world, the wine is named after her common name). In this dream Myrin, shows this durid the mining town, and our party tied up, focusing specifically on me since I’m the one she has a vested interest in. When this druid awakes, he tells the rest of the party about his dream and they agree to check it out. When they arrived just outside the town, the started planing their rescue. This rescue involved a horde of monkeys distracting the kobolds, while one monkey snuck in with a bag of holding and upturned it in the middle of the kobolds. This caused everything in the bag to fall out and explode everywhere, crushing some Kobolds under a wave of miscellaneous items, I got hit in the face with a dragon bone (I’m pretty sure that isn’t how bags of holding work, but our DM allowed it). However, not everything in there was inanimate. Out of the bag, came a human skull, that sat there for a second before it ignited itself and started to float over the battle field, setting Kobolds on fire. The battle quickly ended, with my party barely being able to escape our bonds before all the kobolds lie dead (except for Grinka I think, I think the drow was able to convince the other party to spare him, but that was one of the parts the audio cut out, so I’m not sure). As the other party started to collect everything and put it back into the bag of holding (they even managed to wrangle the flameskull back in there), we told them of why we were in the town. As we talk, we soon discovered that the behir that we killed was not alone, its mother was still in the mine. So our party sets off once again into the mine, this time with the other party in tow. We enter the cavern with the body of the baby still there, and its mother soon finds us. With 10+ players, we made pretty short work of her, but a few of us still did almost die (again the behir was set on fire, but this time it was from a searing smite from yours truly). Both parties start looting what they can off of the bodies. We then say our goodbyes to the other party, and head out on our way back to Nils. And that’s where the story ends. It is still unsure whether or not we will continue with these characters. Especially since, during that year hiatus, we started a new campaign with a slightly different group. It is a shame though, I was really getting into playing my character, and would love to see what I could do with him in the future.


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