The time that a running gag became the answer


so i play in a sunday group at my local comic store are hook was that we worked for the van thumpers which were kinda like the mafia. to give you a run down of the charaters you have a golith barbarian a Goblin Paladin a tiefling bard a human warlock another human i think i forgot what class he was a warfodge monk and then you have me the 2ft 8 kobold artificer. (this took place in bolders gate) we were task to turn a houses vote from a yea to a nah in the spand of 3 days we were still on the first day an me, the Goblin, and the warlock go down to a diffrent house (house porter)to try to convience them first before we do anthing stuiped all this time i was try to sell npcs my new invention the toaster (the time peirod was 1500) but the toaster were made poorly and blow up on occasion now we walk into the porter’s mansion and we go up to meet him the following converstaion went down warlock to the leader of house porter: “so we need to talk about the issue if zodge ( the soon to be leader of the flaming fist they were peace maker ish) becomes leaders of the flaming fist”

porter to warlock: “what problems”

warlock to porter “problem which a diffrent house that you don’t like voted on him”

me butting into the conversation” would you like to fund my toaster’s”

everyone laghes

the conversation ended with them making a deal with them going to make the son of the other house leader and i get some funds we meet up with the rest of the party and i told them that i getting funded by the porter’s house and something click in the warforge and he wanted me to make a toaster that would blow up the lord of the of the other house making the son the leader and changing the vote from yea to nah. later we meet with the daughter of the other house it was me, the warforged ,and the tiefling 

tiefling” madam we would like for you to fund us with are toaster”

the daughter ” how much money do you want and how much percent will I get out of this”

me” (rolls d100) like 40,000 gp”

tiefling” so like 50,000 gp”

daughter” and how much percent will I get how to out of your company”

me “10!”

she glances at me


daughter “35”

tiefling “30”

they settled upon 30% which were planning to kill her anyway with the father

we walked away from her and the session ended end of part 1


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