the time we one shotted medusa

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my two friends and i were playing a rather challening homebrew campaign. we hraded to an island in search of a sword to power up the fighter a bit which hapowned to be on and island full of basilisks. after a few envounters the party made its way to a collesum in which they saw a woman standing in the center of several petrified soldiers. the party didnt trust it alreasy since they lost the rogue to petrificaton. the wizzard Charles devised a plan to use his familiar and the clerics hand mirror to get medusa to see her self in the mirror. we know it was her due to a high history and perception roll. once the familar came in range medusa locked eyes on the mirror failing her save and instantly turning to stone. to which the fighter and cleric heaved her body off a cliff to shatter below killing her instantly. which allowed us to grab the weapon and leave the island to heal our rogue.


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