The ultimate bbeg


How I met the ultimate bbeg 

so before I begin my story I need to add some background 

to begin I was a student at a local university and going there I met some new friends one of them went to a local store near the university and after hours they host rpg open group nights like pathfinder , starfinder and dnd these guys did these games like once a week and made some sessions like quick missions and all that so if one of us is sick or has a busy night it does not matter we went next week so one night I went and well that is how my characters journey started after a few months things where going well until the dms of the store had an announcement that a major assault as to begin soon, our characters where going to fight for our realm 

the store had a big group of players I lost count over 20 and they supplied the books, character sheets and food and drinks still had to pay some coin for the food but hey these guys are prepared 

some history about the stores world…

we are playing on a contenent called vohuska and 800 years ago dragons escaped from special arcane vaults and ravaged the world as we know it to this day the dragons still bother and attack us as we are still struggling to rebuild, we were based in one of the twin cities there called Lin haven until well… let’s say a mad wizard came with a major army and nearly killed us so we had to flee a long, long way up the continent to a place called the olderstill mountain range called that because there are many old things in this world but the range was “older still” funny pun right?

anyway our adventurers guild did not like getting kicked out of the city so plans were made to take the city back from the evils on our home we did a lot of things so meny to explain in detail but we have been doing missions to gain allies major allies e.g giants, githyanki (mercanaries), dragon turtles stuff like that it didn’t matter as long as they are willing to commit to the cause 

in this story I was playing a level 10 green Dragonborn cleric life domain armed with a sun sword and many items like a mug that says “don’t mug me” on the side but what some didn’t know is that it was enchanted to be a decanter of endless water so instead I say “no your getting mugged” to the mugger 

so this is what happened 

For the set up for this session we got split into groups and had to do a mission for our respected guildmasters I was put into a group with guildmaster Riley 

the guildmaster looked like a mid aged elven woman with wands put into holsters but for this event she is equipped with special magic half plate armour that does not effect her movement and a magic sword that looks like my sun blade but is brighter and later I learned it dose major damage when in the right conditions 

anyway our party was to go to a lost shrine that belonged to a forgotten elven god we had one job to defend the guildmaster from harm so she can call apon the gods aid and to do that she needs to return her sword to the shrine like a sword in the stone kind of deal but as soon as she approached the shrine a gnome wizard appeared turns out the wizard is one of the most wanted enemies of the realm and with a wave of his hand frose the guildmaster then awakened some of the plant life around us it was a crazy fight with our spellcasters shooting fireballs everywhere and our rangers gunning for the wizard as I healed my party and with a wizards help limited the movement of the trees we won the wizard did not die well for some reason the damage we dealt made him chalapse into himself weird… 

anyway after we helped the guildmaster who was still frozen inserted the sword and after a few seconds of nothing she was filled with a lot of energy and at the same time got possessed by the god so yay, maybe… 

we had to do this in one hour real time we were the last to finish we were litteraly 3 seconds from losing talk about a “few” moment 

then came the big battle, battle lines were drawn and everything the characters where now split into teams there were 4 core teams and one supply team made up of new players or if you prefer newbies these teams are as follows 

team marshal this group contained the fighters, paladins, monks and barbarians basically the fist 

team rogue this team has all of the assassins, thieves you know rogue stuff at least a 5th of the group was rogues it was impressive 

then we have the spellcasters team wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, artificers(pre-eberron) this group had our most Powerful spells and were the most vulnerable of us 

then came my team, team divine my team has all of the healers like bards, clerics, druids each team had a important role ours had 3 crystals each for the other teams and the other teams had a similar crystal with this we can send healing power to the other teams to keep them alive during this encounter while the other teams had other abilities like mass smoke bombs to give us advantages to dc saves or empower magic stuff like that 

while the supply characters give us some legendary equipment like imperial glue and special oil that makes us immune to damage for a round stuff like that 

now came the bbeg it was enormous white dragon around half the size of the city(10 miles radius) turns out the wizard made a pact with Tiamat and well this was the result this thing had a dc of 13 because natural armour and everything and was big to avoid shots so it made dexterity useless but it had an impressive 3000 hp but we stayed confident that after all we have seen and done we could do this we knew the bbeg’s health because the dms were nice to add a boss health bar it seemed like an old style ps2 game then the battle started after 3 rounds of us bringing our a game we thought we won after the wizards dealt 1259 points of damage I thought that this was too easy and well… I thought too soon as the dms ripped a piece of the health bar off turns out it had a second health bar it was double the health at 6000 hp and at the same time it got mad and gave us  everything it had some of us got overwhelmed by the attacks that some of us died even some on our divine team took major damage and to make it worse more dragons showed up and grabbed the unconscious of us and booked it, it took a while but after a great battle we took back Lin haven the city was a mess but nothing a coat of paint cannot fix right?

after this session the dms said that the season was over and next week we are to start over with new characters also to take note that the old characters we played are dead or retired because world saving and all that 

thank you for reading 


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