The Worst Campaign I Had Ever Experence

One of the players took about 15 minutes to take one turn for combat and there is no story line it makes a disaster.

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In the Fall semester of 2019 at local college, I join a dnd campaign run by a student and it the worst experence I had ever had playing. I have been playing dnd for about 5 years and mostly play 2 edition. I have think about Dming for about 2 years and been learning how to DM by some exellent DMs. An acquaintance of mine was think of running a homebrew 5e campaign.I been wanting to try 5e since I been just starting watching Critical Role.The DM was new, I often along with another student offer to give some pointer. I told was in and I had an idea for character a human gunslinger/rouge similar to percy of Critical Role. When I told him my character's backstory, I enforce that people think she is dead and she is in hiding. Well, the frist session came and the players were establish me playing Alexandera. My brother, a frist time player, playing a fighter/ barbarian named rookie more fighter, and werid wizard thing.The campaign was later join by fighter/barbarain more barbarian than fighter.We started in jail which seems like a cool idea and given the "option" of join a guild but there was no option. The guild called the squrriel guild.It was originally through discord but with bad signals and overall bad expecerence, we went to playing face-to-face.From the very beginning it seem like there was no storyline. We doing a bunch of quest with no real purpose and quite stupid. Evertime we got into a fight my character basically in one turn KO and before I could make any death saving throws the DM into the medical hall.Every quest we were sent on seem stupid, really we did a session to get Honey for a bear! My brother was getting sick of the stupidy of the logic The only storyline we got a bit of was when one of the NPCs at the guild said my character's father was still alive and she told the NPC if he sees her family was tell them the little inventor is still tinkering. But that thing turn into a side quest that made no sense. Frist I had to discribe how my providence looked. Second What he said was done to providence made no sense because at this point I was written my campaign and detail down of my character's providence what happen. The DM claim a wizard that my character has never met destroyed the town and was ruling over it. We went for a book and face 3 t-rexs. My character KO within one round. My brother fell within two round.The other Fighter/ Barbarian took 15 mintues to do 1 round inbetween round. I don't like quiting but I furious about the party almost TKP. I almost quite the campaign with my brother. The DM also made it clear that if there was combat you were fighting and there is no way out. The last session there was no clear ending and no clear soution. The only good thing about this is I came up with my homebrew 5e campaign and its running as smoothly as most campaigns do. My brother doesn't want to do another campaign and hated the whole experence. Me and the funky wizard ended doing another campaign together. This the campaign I think about when think about stories. 


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