The worst kind of DM and DMGF ever part 1


I was new on dnd 5e and I was looking for joining a campaign. So I saw a post on discord for Stradh, at the moment I knew little about dnd settings, but at least I knew that Stradh was one of the most popular and I decided to join. At first the group was formed for a human monk called Coco, a dwarf cleric called Uldritch, a shark sorcerer called Bites and for me a half-orc barbarian called Rock that thought was a wizard, because he had a hat with the word wizard spelled. 

  The DM present us his girlfriend and he said that she was going to help him on the campaign. I didn't know that wasn't the usual and I was ok with that. So we began the campaign and we appeared in a castle and we needed to escape. When we were searching for the escape, we meet with an impresioned succubus with very little to none clothes, as the DM described and it was very incorfortable. The worst part was that his girlfriend was the succubus and she interpreted her as the worst kind of anime girl possible, the hentai and horny anime girl. We tried to go without her, but the DM railroaded us to save her and now we had a new member on the party. I give her my Cape and I said it was an invisible Cape, because nobody saw me when I put the Cape and shout that I'm invisible.

  So our mission was to escape the castle meanwhile a dark Paladin was following us and to escape we needed to resolve a series of puzzles. But with my trustworthy keymaster, my longsword and brute force, it was easy. When we finally made to the last room, the girlfriend began to yell and the dark Paladin appeared of nowhere, so a group of level 1 needs to fight the Paladin. Moreover the master tells us that if half of the party dies, it's an automatically tpk for the rest. With that in mind and such a luck that appeared bullshit for our part, we finally kill the Paladin and took his sword, but of course it was cursed. 

  That was the end of session, but later on the DM talked with me in private and said that he didn't know how, but her girlfriend liked my actitude and that was strange, because she didn't like people. I didn't know how to respond to that. So I just reply whatever was on my mind and I hoped that the next sessions would be better. But of course they were way worse.



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