The worst kind of DM and DMGF ever part 2


The first session, as I commented before wasn’t so bad. Before we began the second session, the DM told us that he had a channel on the server for detailing how the players have died before. On his words of all the group’s that came before, there wasn’t anyone that won the campaign. But he congratulate us, because he thought we would die on the first session.

This was a little weird, but I thought that if Stradh was so hard, maybe this was the usual. So we decided to continue. I didn’t talk much about my companions, but to summarize Coco the monk was brash and funny, Uldritch the cleric was the kind of guy that is a pleasure to talk, Bites the sorcerer was a shy guy with stuttering,and the protagonist of this part, and Rock the barbarian orc was a little clueless.

On the second session we began flying away of the castle and with no other option, we ended on the death house. On this session of course the DM’s girlfriend was present and we discover something, she was on charge of the traps and enemies that appeared. At first there were a few traps for everyone , but later on all the traps and curses were focused on Bites. It was blatantly obvious that the girlfriend hated Bites for whatever reason and even shouted at one point “Why is he not dying?” And making tantrums for that.

At one point when the first combat ended without any deaths, she yelled to her boyfriend demanding explainings for what reason noone died. At that moment the DM made a pause for around 30 minutes, to discuss with her girlfriend about the next series of combats.

So we restarted the session and we encounter a gothic anime vampire girl that mocked us, cursed all of us and then teleported us, because reasons. The next thing we know is that we are on the basement being attacked with surprise for ghouls. We were level 2 and without resources, because we exhausted them around the session. So Coco the monk died devoured for them and the rest were close of a tpk, but the rolls were on our side.

After that death, and with the rest of the group with an inch of life, both of them began to laugh and the DM said laughing that at least they had a death to add to the list.

It was shocking to hear that and I began to feel that I needed to win this campaign, if only to shout their mouths. So before we fly away of the house, with a very high roll of investigation, for whatever reason I found potatoes and as a very hungry orc I took them.

With that we ended the session and we leveled to level 3. I was excited to choose my subclass and I proposed to the DM to get the Wildsoul subclass, but both of them said me that they didn’t like to roll on random tables so it was beted. Then I proposed the Totem subclass, but they beted that because they said it was overpowered. So my only option, with their approval, was the Ancient Guardian subclass.

Coco the monk was forced to write on the channel, with every little detail, how he died.

There is only one more session left until I left the group.


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