Thieves tools campaign Part 2: With friends like these

Ird and Gurhki enlist the help of the grunge and bullywigs to fight the evil king that captured their village. It did not end well for the bullywugs.

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After the events at the arena, the DM informs the party that even though the clan successfully escaped from the arena, we would not be safe as long as the king remained in power to threaten the lizardfolk. The Blackscales did not have the resources or manpower to fight an entire kingdom, so they devised a plan to go deep into the ancestral homeland of the blackscales to try and get the aid of either a tribe of grung or bullywugs that lived there. 

The party was being led by Ird, played by myself, and his brother Gurhki, played by my brother IRL. The rest were a firbolg druid, human monk, high elf chronomancer wizard, and a dragonborn fighter. The party was accompanied by another lizardfolk npc named Learner, who would be able to translate the languages od both grung amd bullywug tribes. The party could only receive help from one of the tribes as they were both at odds with each other, and it it was decidex that the grung might be a little easier to speak with. 

After hissing an order to the rest of the party to stay put and not do anything, Ird and Learner spoke with the king of the grungs, who said they would help us in our struggle against the evil king if we got rid of the rivaling bullywugs. 

Traveling further into the swamp, the party eventually found the bullywugs in their village. Ird, being the smart one, wanted to once again attempt diplomacy, despite being a rogue assassin lizardfolk. But unfortunately, he forgot to do something very important… he forgot to tell the party to stay behind and not do anything. And do something they did. Our monk hides in one of the huts and gets drunk off of bullywug hooch, but rolled pretty good stealth. The high elf chronomancer tries to climb a tree, and after struggling a little bit gets atop the branches, but the bullywugs don't notice. The firbolg, named Ark, joins Ird and Learner to make sure they don't get taken as slaves, and Gurhki remains behind waiting for Ird to give him the signal in case things went south. 

The good news was that most of the party seemed to do well to hide from the bullywugs. The bad news was not everyone decided to take the stealthy route. Our fighter tried to walk straight in pretending to be a bullywug, and at first seemed to work, but as the bullywugs got a better look, they noticed he wasn't exactly one of them. He could've tried to play it off, as I thought he would have. How naive. He instead blasts them with acidic breath, killing two and leaving one in incredible pain. So much for diplomacy. Ird draws his blade and immediately downs one of the guards. Combat begins. Our spellcasters send firecraining down, I yell for Gurhki to emerge. "Yay! I get to kill things!" Our monk drunkenly stumbles out of the hut to see what the noise is about. 

Several pools of water dot the village, and Ark notices something big moving in one of them. He sends a bolt of lightning straight into the water. It erupts, and out comes a raging Froghemoth that instantly grabs three bullywugs. The wizard speeds time up and sends a fireball into its mouth, charring it on the inside but not killing it. Ird and Gurhki are bypassing it completely and run into 5 more bullywugs. Gurhki, in the span of six seconds, splits one in half with his axe, picks one up and stuffs it in his bag, and eats the last one. (The party couldn't stop laughing at that one) Ark, after a few attempts, succesfully tames the Froghemoth with is Animal Handling skill and convinces it to come with him. Our fighter, who started this whole thing, does absolutely nothing, much to my confusion. In fact he ran away once the fighting started, only joining the fight due to the insistence of some of the others. The remaining bullywugs run away in fear, leaving the king exposed. The monk subdues the kings guards as I enter his hut. The king was a 300 pound bullywug that wore a jaunty crown. Ird demanded his surrender and in exchange he would spare the rest of the tribe. The king agreed. The parry return to the grungs, who are pleased with what we did, and present us with a giant turtle monster thing, on top of the Froghemoth we already brought with us. Gurhki reveals the bullywug was a gift for his wife Karen. The party are absolutely enthralled with our characters, especially Gurhki. They and the DM know this was just the beginning. I know this was kinda short, but trust me, the next one will be even better.



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