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  • DnD Story #245 – The Non Contributory Player

    There was a dragonborn warlock in our group, who would never help out with the team or play along with the DM’s lore. Whenever we play he would always leave and do his own thing rather than playing with the rest of the group and when he does join us he would argue with the...
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    The Assassins Ruse

    During one early game, I played a Half Elf Assassin name Kiera. She had gained a reputation as a pure professional. She always got her target it didn’t matter how long it took, and she never broke a contract.   The other PCs weren’t aware of her assassinations as she held herself as a mere fighter...
  • How My Sorcerer Got Two Crowning Moments in One Massive Fight

    This story takes place in a Curse of Strahd campaign, in which I play a half-elven phoenix sorcerer named Krymm Schwarzwulf, who was sent in by his superiors in an unknown guild to Barovia to investigate the recent goings-on in there. By this point of the campaign, I was at Level 5, while the ones...
  • The story of Avajio, the Drow Duelist

    As a DM, I’ve had many players with many great characters. Today I am gonna share the story of one of these characters. His name is Avajio, the Drow Duelist. The setting was a homebrew world consisting of many island-nations. One of these nations was the setting for a previous campaign the players failed to...
  • How the Bard Killed Them All

    I have been trying to play D&D since high school. I have hit one or two sessions here and there but nothing consistent. Finally I got into several and that brings up to this story. A person from my work DMed a 5E campaign and most of the other players were from work also. I...
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