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  • The Paladin Who Wished She was the DM

    I was originally going to post this on a video about a “Main Character Horror Story” but decided it might fit better here.  We had a player start around Nov in our group a year ago, and she started off in the group strong. She was a notetaker (Everyone else is new so they’re learning),...
  • My first Dungeons and Dragons game.

    Disclaimer: The names of all the spells, abilities, etc. probably aren’t the real names, just the best I can remember them. I’ve always kind of wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons. It’s interested me ever since middle school. But sometimes, even if something interests you, you never get around to trying it. That’s just the...
  • The best DnD Con Job ever

    I’m a first time DM with a homebrew campaign where I am hosting for my father, a long time DnD player, and his friends.  Homebrew is a bit of a challenge I will admit, but I have been able to come up with enough on the fly stuff that it’s kept it from getting totally...
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