This Is 300% The Opposite Of What I Meant To Do


It takes place in a homebrew world where only the more monstrous races exist. The party was made up of a tortle dragonsmith, warforged machinist, triton astromancer, shifter druid, viera dancer, goblin rogue, and dragonborn rogue (me). This was quite a few months ago so I don’t remember finer details that well. We tried sneaking passed an encampment of the enemies on the road (all us except the tortle that is) and opted to try and sneak through since there wasn’t really another way to get to the city we were headed to. Here’s where things went downhill. My fellow rogue botched a stealth check and dropped his ball bearings and the enemy guards (minotaurs) spotted us. We did our best to try and pick them off one by one and we were doing well considering only about half of us had darkvision. Then all hell broke lose. The encampment had an attack ship that flew up and opened fire on us. We immediately turned tail and started to run back to the vehicle we’d left parked on the other side of a large rock a few hundred feet away. All of us are scattered among the battlefield and trying to get away from the encampment guards and the airship. The dancer, warforged, and the goblin managed to get to the truck without much difficulty, but the druid was attacked by one of the minotaurs and tried to get away by turning into a hummingbird, the minotaur smacked him out of the air like a fly and combined with the hits he took from the airship he was nearly knocked out as he ran away. I had convinced the minotaurs that I was on their side (which isn’t that hard really) and was able to basically walk to right through the camp. 

Meanwhile, the triton was Dominated after the airship took off and was now captured by the enemy force, drow I believe but I’m not 100% sure. I didn’t want to just leave him behind while everyone else escaped. Now it’s only me and the captured triton left as the others drive off in the truck to meet up with us in the city later, so I walked over to the person incharge of the camp and tried to get the Triton released to me. I pretended to be a spy for them and was leading the party, most of whom were wanted fugitives, to the city where me and another party member were going to turn them in. The DM has him roll 3 saving throws, 1 success and 2 fails, to see how badly he was beaten. My party member is now tied up and has been stripped of his armor and weapons and beaten unconcious. The DM has him roll 3 death saving throws I’m bs-ing so hard to try and get the triton free, rolling decently high on my persuation/deception checks (15, 16, 18). And then I roll the last check to get him released. 

Crit fail. 

I’m frantically trying to think of how to recover this and am coming up empty. DM decides to take pity on me (I roll a lot of crit fails/low numbers, like 90% of the time I can’t hit anything in combat kind of low and usually only get 1 or 2 good rolls a session) and re-roll.

Crit fail again.

DM sighs.
Captain: If you’re leading them to their death why are you bothering with this?
Me: He’s valuable to the others.
DM: Roll Persuation
*gets a 3*
Captain: He’s more valuable to me dead. *begins to draw a gun*
Me (OOC): I try to snatch the gun away.
DM: Roll Slight of Hand

Crit. Fail.

DM: * after a few minutes of silence* Alright, [triton] roll a death save.

Crit. Freaking. Fail.

All of us are silent for several minutes unsure of what to do. I’m guessing that the DM and the triton are talking privately during this time and the DM finally speaks again.
DM: You try to grab the gun from his hand, accidentally causing it to go off, shooting [triton] in the head.

And that’s how I accidentally got a party member killed…


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