Toxic Player Pushed The DM Too Far

"Donilly the Knight made the last mistake of his cruel life, as he stabbed her in the back..."

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Have I got a story for you all today! The following story is of a new friend I made recently, from his current campaign. As a fledgling Dungeon Master, my friend was happy to share some stories of his players throughout the last few years, but he told me of a recent tale, from the Homebrew campaign he is currently running. I asked my friend if I could share this story, and he agreed, under the stipulation that his name and username will not be used, as he wishes to remain anonymous. This is also the first story I’ve ever submitted here, so forgive me if my formatting isn’t up to par so to speak.

The Cast

  • My Friend The Dungeon Master -DM.
  • Sarah -Sammy the Female Elf Cleric, Level 10. (Is dating Greg).
  • Greg -Bonril the Male Tiefling Barbarian, Level 11.
  • Eli -Elijah the Male Blue Dragonborn Sorcerer, Level 10.
  • Ami -Idiot the Male Goliath Monk, Level 9.
  • Terrence -Ollie the Male Halfling Rogue, Level 9.
  • Donivan -Davin the Male Human Fighter, Level 12.

Setting The Story

So to begin with, there was my friend DM, running his custom campaign with 6 Players! The setting was in an alternate version of Toril, where the realm is twice as large as the vanilla version, with multiple unexplored continents. There is a strong magical blight, and many variations of 5e monsters, and some special 3.5e monsters are sprinkled throughout the lands. Neverwinter rallies a massive fleet of adventurers, scholars, colonizers, and pioneers to sail to a newly discovered continent and investigate the rumors of beasts once extinct coming from this unexplored land. The player characters all meet for the first time, forming a bond and a promise, inside a tavern. They party is one of many groups, and luckily they get on board the lead ship. The party of level 3 characters experience a journey to remember in the Continent of Asandrith...

The Problematic Prodigy

The players explore the continent and help set up settlements and outposts for Neverwinter, gaining experience and loot along the way. Eventually they discover that the continent they are on, Asandrith, had an expansive, civilized kingdom of great power and achievment, but an undetermined catastrophe brought about its ruination hundreds of years ago. As they leveled up and explored the valleys and plains, the party would stumble upon derelict ruins from time to time. Now everybody was of the Alignment Chaotic Good, except for Terrence and Donivan's characters, Ollie and Davin. Ollie was Chaotic Neutral, which fit his Halfling Rogue perfectly; However, Davin was Chaotic Neutral, despite being asked to choose a Good alignment. Davin was a noble and a knight, with a vile tongue and an attitude to boot. Donivan was the textbook example of a toxic player who thought he was superior and supreme, always ragging on everybody else and goading DM. At one point or another, around level 8-ish, Greg and Sarah's characters got into a player versus player fight with Davin, Donivan's character. Donivan wasn't stupid, and took advantage of the fact that Greg and Sarah's characters, Bonril and Sammy, were a barbarian and a cleric who were recently married to each other. Davin went first, and managed to grapple Sammy and put his sword to her neck, using her as leverage. In the end, Davin cemented himself as the unwanted and unchallenged leader of the party, as after that ordeal the rest of the players gave up on standing up to him. Donivan after that session with the fight goaded DM once again, boasting and challenging him to provide a real challenge, and that he was too stupid to even try and kill his character. Two sessions ago, Donivan was a no show, and the other 5 players held a discussion with DM about Donivan. By this point almost every avenue of diplomacy and compromise had been attempted, so DM ended that session agreeing with everyone there that Donivan had to go. They wanted him immediately removed, but a vengeance-starved DM had reached his breaking point, and promised them that after the next session, Davin would get his just desserts.

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