A Turtle Rogue’s Unconventional Triumph in Storm King’s Thunder

By: Amiel Mencias Acero


So my friends finally played DnD with me (yay) and it didn’t turn to the way I expected the journey to go.
Me and my friends played a preset adventure called Storm King’s Thunder. We were still at nightstone but let me introduce the players first. Me, a human bard named “Ki” and the DM of the game.
My friend, a human paladin named “Auzare”
And the new Ally named “Tortolas” a turtle rogue. We were at the point in meeting the NPC named Kella Darkhope after calming her down after the stealth fail of our human paladin. She invited us to her room after explaining to us what a cloud giant is. Our turtle rogue successfully persuaded her in sleeping with him. Our paladin left the room immediately out of disgust while I tried to hide in the closet but failed. So as I went out we hear Kella moaning out of pleasure. My friend rolled a die to check if she liked it. He rolled a natural 20 and she loved it. ? As a dm I couldn’t deny his action because we actually had fun. ? I had fun in my second dm session and my PC also had fun. It was a win-win situation.



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