unexpected thinking of a Fire Dragon-Blooded

This was a one off mini story that the GM did with all our group, but in this case specifically it was both mine and my characters turn.


The basic start was that my character A Fire Dragon-blooded that for main story sake I named Ruuku as the master of the Dojo who adopted my character as a baby was called Roku. 

In this mini story though Ruuku was transported to this island above the clouds that was split in two with a bidge connecting them, on the side Ruuku was it was basically flat land that was empty. On the otherside however was a woman with a large spear like weapon and a lot of enemies, which the woman immediately told to attack me. Ruuku would run to the bridge and wait for the enemies to fill the bridge between the two parts of this island before using the Fire Breath skill to burn the bridge and cause it and all the enemies to fall and die, leaving Ruuku alone with the mysterious woman who would then throw her spear at him, who with luck managed to dodge it. However the woman was able to summon her spear back to herself and did so multiple times with no luck in hitting Ruuku.

Then during the fight Rukku had a great idea, grab the spear himself and so did, but it was extremely heavy due to an enchant that made the weapon heavy to anyone but the attuned user. Ruuku would then act smug hoding the spear barely and waited for the woman to summon her spear back to herself if she could, she did but was not expecting Ruuku to keep hold of the spear and fly gracefully over the gap between the two islands, being carried by her weapon and when close enough, would attack the woman and prevent her from being to attack back with heavy punch to her face. 

The fight from then on however became much harder and left Ruuku mostly defending but getting in a few good hits, he in the end was defeated in battle by the woman who he never figured who was and thus ended the small side campaign. 

The GM though was extremely surprised by my actions in controlling my character, as everyone else had been defeated by the amount of enemies and the woman throwing her spear and calling it back, lasting only 5-6 turns max, I however lasted much longer from just tiring the woman out by dodging and also breaking the bridge, the GM was especially amazed at my idea to use the spear as it was called back to its owner, to get to the other side which was now supposed to be inaccessible by me as Dragon-blooded cannot fly and jumping that distance was not possible. So even though I was beaten in this mini campaign like everyone else, I felt accomplished at least that I had done far better than everyone else who were much more adept and long standing members in the RP group than I was. in Exalted it really helps to have an imagination and it quickly became my favourite RP with D&D being second place.

I do apolgies for its short size, as details are very vague as this happened over 8 years ago. Also I suck at punctuation and such so I also apologies about that too.


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