We had a chaotic stupid character

A goliath was so stupid he tried to commit two different acts of terrorism and killed over 20 people by himself.


It started out by my character a warforged barbarian, along with a dragon blood sorcerer, and a goliath fighter on a 330 ft merchant ship. something you should know befor reading the rest of this story is that the only time the person got nat 20s were when he was doing something stupid, and he was constantly getti g nats 20s, if i remember correctly he had gotten abot 15 in this session alone. we were all lvl 3 at the time. so we were in the middle of the ocean and we were attacked by Sahuagin. my character ties a rope to himself and a mast then jumps off the boat into the water, i dont need to worry about drowning because I am a living construct, then the goliath decided to push a 3 ton cannon off the side of the boat to “try to fire it as it is sinking” he lets go of the cannon as soon as he realizes that he cant shoot it under water and climbs up the rope that is attached to me and the ship. by this point the Sahuagin are on the boat and killing the sailors on the below decks. the sorcerer send a thunderclap down one of the corridors killing most of the sailors that are still alive and killed 3 of the 9 Sahuagin in the same area. so as a response to this the goliath on the top deck decided to turn a canon twords the ship and fire down through the floor to try to kill some of the Sahuagin. now this was a 330 ft ship that only had three floors then the shell, so the goliath shoots the cannon which at the time he didnt know that it was a shotgun like shell loaded and ended up sinking the ship. the warforged decided that it would be faster for him to chop off one of the masts and ride it like a life raft. the goliath and the sorcerer was able to get picked up by a military cruiser that was about 2000 feet in size. to cut a long story short the captain of the military vessel asked the sorcerer what happened then who sank it, the sorcerer told them what happened the the ship and who did it but not the part of him killing the rest of the crew. the military vessel find the goliath and arest him with charges of piracy and a war crime. the goliath at this point was resisting arrest and managed to through 10 people off of him before he got to another cannon turned it and fired at the deck killing 12 people on the two floors below him. what he failed to realize before he fired the cannon was that the ship was a military ship and was armored as much as it possibly could be. the goliath then rushed one of the npcs off the top deck down to the one that wasnt broke snapping the npcs neck after they landed but didnt kill him. not three rounds later did the goliath fall to 6 arrows to the chest and one arrow to one eye another to the other eye and a third arrow to the center of the forehead.


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