What?! Logic? NOT IN MY GAME!

What looked like a great chance for my character's personal growth turned out to be just a headache.

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This one is kinda mild and it just concluded minutes ago.

I want to be very clear, this is in a great group with multiple DMs and it is a GREAT gaming group I wouldn’t trade for anything. More or less it’s just an issue I identified pretty quick with just one of the DMs.

Now, the story.

Our party set out as someone sent for help saying that non humans were being brutally killed in the streets. A sort of serial killer that more or less is trying to ethnically cleanse the streets. It sounded great. And another quest for my dwarf to grow.

My character, a dwarf cleric grew up in a dwarven hold that was more or less a lot like warhammer dwarfs. He grew up with a livid hatred of orcs goblins and elves and only a mild tolerance towards humans. Slowly he was growing and stepping outside of his box, meeting many new races and finding a lot of great people who helped him shatter his prejudiced views. 

I figured seeing an actual racist trying to ethnically cleanse the world would be a little eye opening for him and help the character grow a little.

So when we finally got there, My dwarf who was very straight forward gave an equally straight forward plan. “Figure out who this wazzok is and dreng em!” (Discover the identity of the killer and kill him in combat.)

So things are going pretty well, but unfortunately there is very little evidence. I suggest we find the bodies and see what kind of bruises or injuries they have to figure out if there was more than one killer, if they died in a surprise attack or if it was a drawn out fight.

A Tabaxi who apparently was the one who hired us lead us to a mass open grave. My dwarf who was a touch sheltered, and having only lived in the dwarf hold was absolutely appalled by this. Where he’s from, if you treat the dead with disrespect the ghosts tend to harm you. So his reaction was a pretty drastic cultural shock and disgust pleading the Tabaxi asking why they weren’t given proper burials.

And here’s where it began. I figured it would be a simple. “That’s not how things work around here stranger, I’m sorry but we don’t have the money to do that, we don’t even have money to feed ourselves.”



Literally, right then and there, the DM threatened to end the quest entirely, if my character did not apologize to the person who hired us because I was worried about how their dead were being treated.

Out of character I asked why the response and the DM said. “Actions have consequences.”

In character, my dwarf would have likely just said screw it and wandered off or possibly hit her with his hammer. But… the whole quest, as in all the other players depended on this. So I just went along and tried to remain silent on the thing so I could get some experience and move on.

The investigation continues and lo and behold, we actually catch not THE killer, but A killer. One of many. The talk went on for a while and it turns out that someone in the city was hiring these assassins to ethnically cleanse the streets with the assassin’s guild.

And oddly, every time my dwarf spoke up… explaining “well, ye can either talk and give us valuable information and we’ll turn ye over to the guards, or we’ll just kill ye. Yer no use to us alive laddie. If we let ye go, ye’ll just kill more, if we only hand ye off to the guards, the corruption in this place might just let ye go or otherwise they’ll just kill ye.”

The answer?

“Oh, you religious types and your ignorant ways. So quick to kill a killer just to satisfy your urges, you’re no different from the rest of us!!!”
*The assassin ignores the stupid dwarf*

Eventually, one of our party members holds a sword to the man’s throat to threaten him. But the assassin just leans into it cutting his own throat and dying on the spot.

But oddly, this felt like the DM was trying to get sympathy from us about how the guy killed himself to get out of the situation we put him in.

And finally, at the third session just minutes ago, We had figured out the man who was ordering the deaths and we arrived at his home. Now, my dwarf is a Forge Cleric with the Guild crafter background. I craft for the temples and according to the background, I have access to powerful politicians and moreover, I’m a part of my temple. If we had discovered a threat to good we couldn’t handle ourselves, we could at least notify the temples and they would pressure the government. Especially when the evil is freaking ETHNIC CLEANSING AND MASS MURDER.

I brought this up as an option and again, the Tabaxi NPC first starts with an *Ignores dwarf* But eventually “Do you really think that anyone ever cares about the slums?” As she’s standing before a group of like seven people who rushed over to help the slums get rid of this racist serial killer.

But I stay in character. “Aye, the temples and local governments do not smile upon mass murder or ethnic cleansing… just the mention might get some of the folk ready fer a crusade! But we can likely deal with this without excessive violence.”

And I feel like I don’t have to tell you what the response was. Yep… more accusations of ignorant religious people being stupid. But she followed it up with this scrawny starving 50 lb tabaxi woman threatening to kill my dwarf if he didn’t shut up.

At this point I realized, clearly the campaign was not meant for me and my dwarf just up and.
“Ok lass, I’ll bother ye no more. Ye do ye…and I’ll do me…”

*Turns around and leaves*

After the DM’s response I had to clarify that I had fully left the quest. 

And while it was a bad experience, I freaking love this group and won’t leave it for the world lol.

Additionally, while I was writing this, I got a message and an apology. Turns out there was just a lot of misunderstandings about who was doing what and why. I still kinda feel like the whole *ignores “stupid dwarf”* was a little more than unnecessary. And the rants about religion really felt like someone projecting their personal feelings into the fantasy setting. But in the end, there’s no hard feelings. I’m not a 12 year old, I don’t need to make this a problem. I’m happy just showing you guys and asking what you think. Should I have handled it differently?

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  1. You Were In Character The Whole Time, So No, I Think You Did Fine.
    Personally, I Would Have Just Crushed The Tabaxi For Being Anti You, But Still…

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