Why it’s smart to undo a Bard’s gag

A few of my party members were captured and were about to be killed when the paladin escaped and cut the bard's gag.


I was captured with two NPCs and our paladin. I was the bard of the party and when we woke up we were all bound, the paladin was on a torture table. While she was on the table one of the NPCs was able to toss me a dagger, I wasn’t able to get myself free but was able to hide the dagger when they released the Paladin and tired her up they put our NPC on the table. I threw the dagger to the Paladin. She had a criminal background and had proficiency in thieves tools and after some lucky rolls she was able to get free and the first thing she was able to do was to cut my gag. She wasn’t able to pick my lock before she was noticed, but now my mouth was free.

It just so happened that I had a few spells that only needed to be spoken and I just got a fourth level spell slot. I cast blindness on our three captors. They all failed their saves and were now blind.

Our paladin was free to fight them and try and free out NPC that was on the table. I was able to use Dissonant Whispers on one of our captors to make him run away, still blind, away from me. Making it easier for the Paladin to free out NPC. Now we had two people free in the fight even is one was an NPC.

One of the captors finally saves against the blindness, but by this time he was able to be taken down by the Paladin. Our other NPC was a large creature and was unconscious, so I cast Aura of Vitality (bard college of lore bullcrap) and used my bonus action to heal that NPC up enough to be able to break her bonds and join the fight. We even found out that one of the people I blinded was a spell caster, but couldn’t use any of his spells, all because he was blind and he couldn’t cast any spells that required him to see the person he was casting the spell on.

For the rest of the fight, I used either dissonant whispers or vicious mockery to attack and was able to heal my party with my aura as a bonus action. It took a few rounds but we won the fight and I was restrained on the wall the entire time and I was even able to heal our party most of the way to full.


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