Why you dont mess with a Kenku’s favorite person


A few years ago at my local game store, my riends and I were playing a game of 5th addition DND. I was a Kenku rouge sailor. I deliberately avoided using my assassin abilities because, I wanted a reveal. The rest of the party was a cleric of healing, a Loremaster wizard (unearthed arcana), an NPC paladin named Bob, and a guy who couldnt make it that session. We were all in the airship that I as the sailor was the captain of. The Loremaster was LE and used necromancy. The cleric and the paladin were talking with him about how some of his actions could be misconstrued as evil. The wizard quickly grew annoyed. seeing as I was flying at low altitude (we were looking for a quest macguffin) the wizard chose to polymorph the cleric into a chicken and punt her off the ship! Bob was less than pleased as Lathandor told him to protect the cleric. Bob charged the Loremaster who cast thunderwave to push him off the deck. Bob failed his save and was chucked overboard! I tell the DM that I secure the wheel with some rope and descend to the main deck. I roll for stealth. with the modifiers of a level 6 rouge Dex 19 with expertise I descend on the wizard. I describe going after his pack on the ground. The Loremaster, happy with his work tells the DM that he summons a lawn chair and sits in it. I walk behind him at the bag. The player looks at me rolls his eyes and says “It doesnt matter if you take anything my character knows your the only one on this ship,” I turn to the DM. ” Is he suprised?” the DM smiles and tells me he is. I wish I could say I rolled a natural 20 but as an assassin I didnt need a crit. Just the 17 I rolled to hit the Wizard by suprise! as I did regular sneak attack damage the Loremaster says “I cast misty step to get out of here,” Then I loudly and proudly say, “I have to add my assaination bonus,” everybody stops as my character draws his rapier and stabs it through the Loremaster’s back. The Loremaster, unconscious, got very quiet. Then i draw a dagger and plunge it into his back three times. When I picked the holy people up they were nonplussed at the dead wizard and unceremoniously tossed the corpse overboard.


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